Back to School for Big Kids

Hands up if you love back to school! My hand is raised fo’ sho’ (that took twice as long to type  because I had my hand up…)

I love back to school like TWICE AS MUCH since I don’t actually have to go back to school but I can still buy cute pens and notebooks and am big enough to elbow-check 4th-graders off the last glitter folders.

I know I’m not alone here (maybe on the whole elbowing kids thing but then again…maybe not) so I rounded up some cute stuff to dress up you desk whether that’s at home or in a dorm or even one of those ones that flips open and you can store your shit inside ‘cuz who couldn’t use one of THOSE?


First and freakin’ foremost: THE PLANNER. Paper planners are back in a huge way and I LOVE IT. I couldn’t manage a digital calendar (who even says “digital”?). I forgot to put stuff in it, forgot to check it and I hate the alerts. My husband is still trying to get me to use a Google calendar and I’m like “No.” Flat out NO. These cuties are by and are packed with so much fun you almost wish you were stupid busy so you could write in it more! (The floral pattern is sold out but the other 2 are in my shop and on SALE!)


Everyone needs a cute bag for all the cute stuffs. This Nope tote is awesome AND hysterical. I have one myself and it passes 2 tests: ONE it is super strong and big and TWO you can swing it onto your shoulder with out having to do the awkward elbow wiggle which happens when the straps aren’t long enough. You know you know what I mean…

The aforementioned cute pens and notebooks are present as well as a fancy tumbler to keep a chilled beverage CHI-I-I-I-I-LLED.


Maybe all you need is a to-do list! I am a huge fan of the ones with check boxes. Crossing out is so five minutes ago. Let’s rock a checkbox, shall we?

And I don’t know who brought wooden pencils back but a round of a applause is in order, dontcha think?

Notebooks/Shit To Do Pad/Pencil Case/Pencils/Pens


Do you need something a little smaller than a tote but bigger than a pencil case? Try a sooper cute clear zip pouch! Show off all your stuff in the lilac one or the mint. They double as a clutch for going out as well! I mean it practically pays for itself in awesome! The notepad encourages it for sure.

I hope you found some new ideas for back to school whether that means actually going to school or laughing about OTHERS going back to school. Either way, you win.