NSS Mailer Album

I’m sentimental. Not hoarder level but I have a hard time throwing certain things out. Cards are one of those things. Every year, the Stationery Show season is kicked off by the arrival of the NSS mailers. This is the most fun a mailbox can have. It might be better than Christmas. 2015 was my first year getting, like, a shitload of mailers and many of them had little messages written on them and ALL of them were beautiful. A lot of hard work and thought go into the mailers and after moving my pile from my desk, to a shelf, to facing the possibility of having to toss them in our impending move, I had a brainwave.

Enter: mad scrapbooking skillz.



I had this SUPER cute hot pink, gold-dotted, tiny binder just chillin’ on my desk for ages and actually packed it! But I busted it back out knowing it would be the perfect size home for my mailers. I was not wrong.

I went to town hole-punching mailers AND their envelopes because those were little works of art as well. Some I clipped together, some I didn’t. It was really just willy-nilly, whatever I felt like doing and had close at hand.


The inside cover I just stuck things to and added stickers from my Beautiful Mess kits. I hole-punched all the teeny things and strung them onto a piece of Bespoke Letterpress’ g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s silk ribbon.



Some of them I wrote little notes or memories. Some I just stuck things on. I did this really rapid-fire which was awesome. Like my first instinct I just went with it. I was pressed for time because I HAD to start packing my craft supplies (*sniff) but I wanted this DONE.


This one was one of my faves. This is McBitterson’s mailer and I loved this little note at the bottom because as someone also socially awkward, NSS can be terrifying as it is exciting.


Pay no attention to how I ran out of matching letters.


Oh THIS one I loved.


There was a super secret message inside the envelope, which I found, about which I felt incredibly smug when Ink Meets Paper asked on their Instagram “Who found our note???” MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


I also saved the handwritten thank-yous that came with my orders. There were some that were so thoughtful I couldn’t throw them away!


I still think it is so weird how many people were looking forward to meeting me or who recognized my name and love my Instagram. It’s awesome because I work really hard to make it pretty but I guess I never realized how powerful social media is!

When I visited Paper Epiphanies, Victoria wasn’t there, but I wasn’t far, over at Sapling Press, when her husband dashed over to say she was back and wanted to say hi. How cute is that??


ERMERGERD Bespoke Letterpress, you guys. They sent me the most BEE YOO TEE FULL mail after the show. I died. It killed me. The type registration on thick paper was like WHOA. Total paper boner. And the lining on the envelope! Even the way they stacked all the pieces and tied it with their amazing new silk ribbons. Ugh. So good.


Here’s the back! An envelope from Paper Lovely and an air freshener that was included with my Bench Pressed mailer.

Now maybe you see why I couldn’t toss these! They didn’t need a ton of embellishment because they are so colorful and cute all by themselves.

Just a few little touches and swipes of washi made this so fun to do and now I can keep my mailers in one place and flip through them easily! I may just do this every year!

Thanks for reading!