Austin Mini Book!


Good Lord…so I moved last Saturday and I have been in the process of moving all week. I went from a 1200 sqft house to a 750 sqft apartment and it’s been…interesting. We’ve made 3 trips BACK to the house so far to take out more trash…load up the cars…I am SO over it. Hopefully tonight is the last one then it’s buh-bye house!

But! Before I packed errythang up I did finish my mini book from my trip to Austin. I am really starting to like minis. The first one I made was pretty sad and I was like “I dunno about this…” but this is my third and I really like them for big events with lots of pictures so as to not crowd my 2015 book.


Here’s the cover. I didn’t want to go nuts with it because I didn’t want to cover the little flamingos pressed into the chipboard! Cute, right??



I used the same materials that I had for my NYC/NSS book; the Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy papers. I just love the colors and patterns so much. Pink, red, and turquoise? YES PLEASE.


I have a couple pages that are 4×6 even though the book is 4×4 and own’t curr. This “July” card from one of my Studio Calico kits looks so cute!



I stinkin’ love this picture of me and my BFF. The stickers are also Fine & Dandy with some Pink Paislee (I think?) flowers.

I am also a big fan of cocking my pictures and adding washi to get that “inside-your-locker-door” look. I am officially coining that technique, by the way. Like, right now.


These little 2×2 pockets are hard for me. What picture still looks awesome in such a teeny square? What if I don’t have enough of them?


Here’s another 4×6. Gourdough’s Donuts was…interesting. I got “Blue Balls” (heehee) which I THOUGHT was donut holes with blueberry filling and blueberry glaze….they turned out to be a whole bunch of plain holes with the glaze and the filling just dumped on top. I mean still OUT OF THIS WORLD on taste but lacking a little in effort.


That’s them, there. See what I mean? You’re kinda like…”Oh…”

And that top pic is how we both felt after all the eating…

How much to you love that dalmation spot washi?? The answer is: A LOT.



Yeah that’s the floor at a restaurant. I was totally blocking the door to take this picture and Melissa kept saying, “K…you have to move…K people are coming in…” and I was like THEY CAN WAAAAAIT.

I mean, if Austin hipsters can’t understand the need for a great floor-shot for Instagram, who can you count on?!?!


Here’s a funny story. So I bought this mini and a couple pieces of paper just for this trip. I was pretty sure I had bought other stuff that matched, too, but I couldn’t find it anywhere so…guess not? Well, when I started packing I found this AMAZING sheet of chipboard stickers that I HAD bought for this book with swimmers and ice cream shapes and gold arrows…but my book was already done! I was so bummed!

That fact be damned, I flipped back through and added stickers wherever I could. Witness Exhibit A: the giant gold ampersand on this picture of me and Ace that was PROBABLY fine without it but I do what I want.


Starting to run out of these peach letters. Guess how you can tell…


And that’s it!

That’s not every page but I don’t need to bore you with that. I hope you enjoyed my Austin Mini! (Haha see what I did there? Anyone?)

What do you guys think of mini books? Ever tried one?