NSS WRAP! Part 1

Guys. OMG.

So we just got back from the Stationery Show last night after a whirlwind 3 days. I had SO MUCH FUN but SHIT I am so tired!!!


Off we go!


Saturday we got into town and checked into our AirBnB which never fails to make home feel like a mansion. And seriously, I can’t even remember what we did Saturday night. By the time we unpacked and whatnot, we just went to get some food and watch a Law & Order SVU marathon. We tried to go to Black Tap but we saw the line from down the street and I went NOPE. Instead, we hit Donut Pub and a pizza place we liked the smell of and sat in front of the TV. We party hard over here. #elderly

Sunday we got up early and busted a move to Murray’s Bagels (YASSS)



…then straight to the Javits. I love being there early to look at the Louie Award noms and then getting in right at 10 when it opens.


Long story short (or at least abbreviated until later) it was SO. FUN. to see everyone from previous years and put faces to the names of new friends. Like, I FINALLY got to meet Michele from Lucky Horse Press! YAY!


We have been trading puns over Instagram for months so it was awesome to finally hassle each other in person. Makin’ our way down the first few rows I then ran into Fox and Fallow who are just so sweet (and sent me that amazing box of excitement in the mail…)


Their booth was just full of all the things. Plus I could listen to them talk all day long because Australia. How cute are they??

Sunday we covered about 10 rows of booths. And we didn’t even see everything! I walk the entire show with the exception of the mass-produced stuff and the gift-y stuff I’m not quite ready for. Even then, I can’t stop at EVERY booth, I have to limit my stops to people I know and anything that catches my eye. Everything is beautiful but something has to really stand out for me to stop in my tracks and head into a booth I don’t “know.” It’s hard to qualify that for you but I only have 2 days to pick up catalogs, look at everything, and chat with everyone. The third day I do all my orders and bounce to help out at Paper Party. The clock is ticking!

Monday we started at the 2000’s which left about 6 rows but these rows were heavily concentrated with people I know and couldn’t just breeze past with lots of chats.


I HAD to stop and see Jane and Andy from Bench Pressed OBVIOUSLY because 1) they’re awesome 2) they were one of my very first brands back in the early days of the online store (2 years like that was SO long ago. Derp.) and 3) Andy designed my grand opening invitations and I had to say thank you for the one millionth time in person.

I’m making a weird face but they look adorable so there it is.

I also had to stop and see Miss Victoria from Paper Epiphanies, being a fancy bitch and looking fab in her very own booth! Last year she was in a group booth with other Ladies of Letterpress but this year she had her own fuchsia fantasyland!


And this doesn’t even cover anywhere NEAR the people I got to see and say hi to. I got to catch up with Mollie from La Familia Green who makes my wildly popular “Hammertime” card. I got to meet Amy Heitman (and order a million of her gorgeous cards) and the Reynolds couple from Huckleberry Letterpress whom I love. Juliana from Good JuJu is always a hoot and a half, Dan and Allison from Ink Meets Paper, the sweetest people in the world. I finally got to meet Julie from Julie Ann Art (yay!) and I even bumped into Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper in the aisles for the first time! The list goes on of all the people I got to see and meet it was seriously the most fun I have ever had in a large group and there wasn’t even a family pet for me to pat and use as an excuse not to talk to anyone!

Later, I dipped over to the Lifeguard booth to see all the new ban.do I have coming (soon hopefully!!!) and ended up chatting with Kelly Edmonson which was awesome and I totally fangirled. She handed me her card and I was like “Wait…are you @idreamofkelly Kelly…??” and she laughed and said yes and then I made her take a picture because I’m ridiculous.


Is she not just a smiley California dream?

And as if my weekend was not complete, the brain behind Craft Boner, Kiwi herself, had come in from Denver to creep on the show and I finally got to meet her! I mean, I was the one who bullied her into coming but that’s beside the point.


We went for burritos and chatted and then she brought us donuts the next day and it was so awesome!

Guys, legit, every night I came home so tired I thought I might cry but I had so. much. fun. NSS is seriously the Mother Ship and my tribe. Being there energized me for the future of my store in the weirdest, most exhausting way. I have hopefully filled my shelves adequately and can’t WAIT to show you what I got.

Stay tuned for some booth photos!