Around Town + News!

So I never just go out and wander around by myself. I’d rather be home. In my HEAD I’d rather be out doing stuff and looking like “Oh, sure, I go out on Thursdays ALL THE TIME…don’t you?” but in reality I’d really much rather be home, in my sweatpants, scrolling through Instagram. But yesterday I was meeting my friend for coffee in Cambridge and by the time we split up, I would have been driving home in rush hour traffic, so I made a decision. The T driver announced our next stop would be Harvard Square, and I thought to myself “If I go home now, I will just be standing in line to pay for parking with all these knuckleheads.” so I got off the train and went for a little sojourn.

My first stop was Cardullo’s for PROBABLY the most amazing Thanksgiving sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. I took it outside and watched people go by from a sidewalk table. On a nice night like this…prime people-watching.

I also visited my favorite stationery shop, Black Ink. At 6:30 on a Thursday it wasn’t crowded at all which was a lovely change from say, a sunny Saturday.


It’s literally floor-to-ceiling goodness in here. And seriously good cards.


They also have some fun little things such as animal shaped paper clips and tiny stickers from far-away lands and the kind of knick-knacks you had no idea you NEEDED until they were right there in your face.


Actually, before I even made it to Harvard, I visited a couple shops just on my way to the train station! On our walk to coffee, my pal pointed out a very fun one called Boutique Fabulous. Who could resist a name like that??

They had much in the way of super cute home things and lots of stationery. I also loved all the little vignettes of things the owner had set up.


I also went to Shine which is right across from the Whole Foods (!) They didn’t have much stationery there, just one rack of cards, but a lot of colorful pretty gifty things!


It was so nice out, not too warm, and a nice breeze, and I’m really glad I took the time to look around and not just try to rush home. Yay, me!

So the truth comes out now: I definitely would not have driven all the way from Marlborough on a THURSDAY to have coffee with a friend and just tra-la-la around alone. As much as I loved spending time with her, to get me out to the city on a weeknight? Girl, you need to commit to DINNER at least.

We met up because she lives close by to some retail space. That I went to go take measurements for.

Now don’t get all exciteables yet…I mean GET EXCITED but not THAT excited. It’s not permanent. For one week in November, Crumple + Toss will be a real, honest-to-goodness, living, breathing, STORE. I am opening a pop-up shop in Inman Square in Cambridge!

I am pumped, you guys. And terrified a little. I have no idea what to expect or how much product to order, or if I will be overwhelmed with people or it will be crickets the whole week. No idea. But I am really REALLY excited to try this out. I really wish all my internet friends could come and see, since you guys are so supportive! (That’s why they invented airplanes – just sayin’)

It’s a tiny spot, but it will be mine from November 16th to the 23rd. I’ll have tons of holiday fun and gifts and stocking stuffers and art prints and tote bags and and AND!!!

So there you have it! That’s my big news for today!  I have started to order product already and it will be online too so keep your eyes on Instagram for all the fun new things coming! And thanks for joining me on my adventures! Hopefully this means nothing but good things for my little store!