Poppin’ Office Supplies for Ya!

I must have asked about a dozen people if they were familiar with Poppin Office Products and only ONE PERSON said “OMG Yes!” That person is my true soulmate.

On Tuesday I got to visit the offices of Poppin with a whole bunch of cards and meet editors of important magazines and eat pies on sticks and you’re probably thinking HANG on…pies on sticks?? I say unto you: YES.

Actually you’re probably thinking, “How in the hell did YOU get an invitation to Poppin’s office in New York City…” and I say unto YOU, “How dare you. You can show yourself out…”

Back to all those interested in pies on sticks-oh FINE I’ll tell you how I ended up at Poppin.

It was a day like any other day…except that someone who loves my Instagram emailed me to say they wanted me to provide the cards for an event they were throwing for a little brand called POPPIN. Poppin wanted to have a nice little premier of sorts for their new metallic collection and invited a whole bunch of people from the media world to come check it out! They could take some new product home with them, wrap it up at the wrapping station and (ta-da!) pick out a card! So fun! I worked everything out with the event coordinator and when I asked if they could send me pictures of the festivities she said, “Well did you want to come??” and I went DOES A BEAR SHIT IN THE WOODS?? “Of course!!”

I have a bit of a phobia of traveling alone to faraway lands so I dragged a very good-natured friend along and (poor guy) we boarded at 6 am train from Boston to New York.

That’s the “IT’S TOO GODDAMNED EARLY” face.

It was raining in the city so we did not have the idyllic New-York-in the-fall afternoon that made Tom Hanks want to buy Meg Ryan a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils, but we made do. We strolled through Central Park a little and found a gazebo where various couples had scratched hearts into the wood. Of course I found cute ones and he chuckled at the ones that said “BRAD BROKE ME” and things like that.

Way to go, Brad.



And I got to go a Sugarfina for the first time!


Not gonna lie…I was a little (a lot) disappointed to find it was a Sugarfina “hut” of sorts but the candy inside was the same!




I made myself a small bento box and hope my husband doesn’t check the credit card for a while. We tried to get to Greenwich Letterpress but ran out of time. Soon it was time to head over to 25th and Broadway and get set up! On the way, I finally got to see the Flatiron Building!



We arrived at Poppin and DAMN. Their office is just like you’d imagine. BRIGHT WHITE and everyone sits at like, a communal desk and they all have colorful desk accessories. They also have an office dog who I didn’t get to meet but heard told is very cute.

I met up with Nicky, who I’d been emailing, and she got me all set up at a table and I did my thang, y’all.




I brought a really nice assortment of holiday, illustrated, funny, and sweet cards and even some tapes and stamps so the ladies (and one gent) could decorate! It didn’t take long so I nosed around and took some photos…




I was also asked to assist in a little handwriting art. The food table was covered in kraft paper (as any decent food table is) and so I wrote the food selections in my usual block lettering. Which is funny (to me) because I HATE serif fonts but I’m not very confident in my script.


Look, SEE? There are the pies! There was a “Friendsgiving” theme and that meant turkey meatballs with gravy, mac and cheese, BISCUITS (more of which I should have shoved in my purse) and the aforementioned pies which were BOSS.

Did I mention the swag table?


The editors were invited to load up on goodies and LOAD UP THEY DID. There was a cornucopia (see what I did there? #thanksgivinghumor) of super-fun office things and coordinating gifts.




Even these adorable little succulents!

The ladies came through and picked out some seriously cute cards to go with their gifts. My favorite was suggesting Lucky Horse’s “You’re Golden” cards, printed with French fries to accompany gifts wrapped in Knot & Bow’s hot dog paper. I was almost always taken up on it because these people know what’s up.

Too soon it was time for me to pack up and catch my train home! I didn’t get home until after 1:30 Wednesday morning which is brutal for me because I’m elderly but if I missed it, it would have always gone down as THAT AWESOME THING I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED and it was! Except I didn’t miss it… 😉