It’s not like, as the years progress, more and more beloved figures of my childhood and adolescence won’t die, but serious 2016 hit HARD, you guys. Now if *cough someone ELSE would just drop dead…


Another question: who’s got some resolutions lined up for 2017? If yours is to lock yourself in a happy, glitter snow-globe away from the world and its news, then come on in, friend! I can pull up a chair! How about something more traditional and maybe, basic? Like something fitness-themed?


I don’t have a resolution, more of a big goal I want to tackle over the course of next year. Long story short, I have been struggling with my weight my whole life. I started running years ago and when that stopped “working”, I switched to CrossFit, changed my diet, and never looked back. From the time I started running to now, I dropped from somewhere in the neighborhood of 280 down to 200 and have spent a lot of time in the 200-215 range. Thanks to marathon training LAST YEAR, recently I’ve been closer to that 215 and holding strong.

And just FYI, if you think marathon training guarantees you weight loss, YOU WRONG. Marathon training guarantees you nothing but a massive craving for every pancake on the eastern seaboard. All this year I have tried to get back to eating better and drop my marathon weight and have failed a lot. And not even over something amazing like a Kane’s donut, I mean stupid crap like those horrifying blueberry Oreos that should have never been invented. Every time I eat something I shouldn’t, I feel like crap and beat myself up and who wants to do that??

My goal next year is to keep to a plan of eating right, kicking my dessert cravings, hitting the gym 4-5 times a week, and to not obsess about everything that goes in my mouth. Basically, I want to enjoy the things some would consider “cheats” instead of feeling guilty, which I should be able to, because I’ll know MOST of the time, I am in check. The clincher, and the real bitch of it, is this: if I don’t see the kind of weight loss or changes in my body composition I am hoping for at the end of the year, I have to get over the hang-ups I have about my weight. I can’t have a muffin every day and wonder why I’m still fat (which is more or less what I’m doing now), but if I give it an HONEST effort and know I did everything I could, then this is just how I am. And I’ll accept it. Keep going to the gym, keep eating right with occasional treats, but not make such a thing about it.

If I DO see a positive change, then I keep going, as long as I’m not miserable. And we’ll just see. I’ll be keeping track with the cute little notebook in the picture, but not obsessively. I’ll check off days I work out, days my food was in check, and mark the days I buy my coffee (cuz I should stop doing that too…)

So that’s my plan. I may pop in here to let you guys know how I’m doing at it. What about you? Have any exciting goals?

See you next year!