Creepin’ on: Mountains Vs. Plains!

That’s it! It’s been a year and I’ve covered 11 brands, plus a visit to Smudge Ink in Boston and my Creeper series is done! WHEW!

My last Creep is on an artist I actually know very little about. Paul Michel is somewhat an enigma, as I found his work, I think, on a blog or in a magazine. I have met almost every single one of my artists, even the ones I stumbled upon on Instagram! But Paul lives in Denver and that’s where he stays. He doesn’t come to the stationery show, and beside that one chance sighting, I’ve never seen his cards anywhere else. The stars aligned, though, and I saw just one of his hysterical cards and knew I had to have them. I immediately tracked down his website, saw MORE amazing cards, and sent him a psychotic email that said something along the lines of “I saw your cards in a magazine and they are SO FUNNY I must HAVE THEM!!!!”

Lots of exclamation points were involved.

He sent me a catalog and it wasn’t long before Boston fell in love with Mountains Vs Plains and Paul’s strange sense of humor. Let’s take a look at Paul’s day and what he gets up to!


Hello, everyone. My name is Paul and my brand is Mountain vs Plains. I am from Denver, Colorado and started making cards about 5 years ago, after working at a little shop that sold paper products. I have been full-time as of the last 3+ years. I create fine art and make short films as well, and I enjoy having my hands in several different creative projects. Take a look at my stuff if you’d like. You may like it, or you may hate it so much that you want to puke all over your computer.


Here I am starting the day with my baby son, Clyde. My wife and I absolutely love being new parents, even if this little guy keeps us up at night. 😉


Here is picture of my super-organized card shelf system, which resides in our study/Clyde’s room. Some of the card style names look pretty funny in print.

Here is a mural I completed recently for a local coffee shop. I enjoy doing mural work, as well as large pen & ink illustrations.
Here is a picture of me taking a coffee break with my son, Clyde. I enjoy going to different coffee shops around Denver, as a break in the day or to work on my computer for a bit. Being a new dad, I find myself drinking more coffee to stay productive throughout the day. Here, Clyde tries to get a sip for himself.
Happy Holidays, everyone and thanks for having me!

Thanks Paul! And thanks ESPECIALLY for that last shot. Ha!
Happy Merry, you guys and thanks for following along this year! I hope you got a kick out of learning more about the people behind your favorite cards!