Hello Kaweco!

For a while now I have wanted to elevate the pens available at Calliope, but I wondered, did you guys want fancy pens? And if so, what kind?? How do I go about this?

Last year and the year before, I picked up some fun gifty pens for holiday and they were snapped up. Answer to first question? YES. From there, I did what I do whenever I am looking for something new: get what I like!

Enter: the Kaweco line of pens and lead holder pencils.


These are not exactly a secret. Anyone into stationery (which all of you are) has seen a Kaweco writing instrument before. And that’s really what these are; INSTRUMENTS. Not just pens. No one would call a spoon and a pasta pot a music instrument beyond the age of 2. A Bic Stic is a pen. The Kaweco brand makes harps, french horns, and violins.

AL Rose Gold Fountain

Excited yet?

Housed in everything from acrylic, to aluminum, to brass, Kaweco writing has an excellent reputation. They are born and engineered in Germany who, let’s face it, know a thing or two about engineering…

For starters, I have roller ball and fountain pens coming. And let me tell YOU, the fountain pen is HEAVEN to write with. Coming from someone who loves cheapie gel pens with plastic unicorns on the end…these could turn me. I also have lead holders (not pencils, mind you) and the Kaweco Sketch Up which is an extra chubby graphite writing tool.

Sketch Up Chrome

You guys are just going to flip your shit.

I have a variety of housings coming and all the fountain pens can be fitted with different nibs so you don’t need to have a ton of pens rolling around but those will come later. I want to make sure you love these first. The bold nib I picked out…OMG. It’s SO satisfying to write with.

So let’s hear it! Are you excited??

They arrive this week and I plan to have them out next week. Who’s coming to see?

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