Calliope Takes LA, Part 1 – Arrival!

Why, hello! Well, I don’t even remember the last time I posted here but you guys were asking and asking for a detailed play-by-play of everywhere I went on my recent trip to Los Angeles SO! Bowing to enormous public pressure, here it is!

A little backstory: when I went to the Stationery Show last May, I got to chatting with Alice and Doris of iLoot Paperie and how LA just looks so fun; a veritable fantasyland of tacos and donuts and all the stationery shops I follow on Instagram, so they invited me out! They promised to take me around to everywhere I wanted to go and THEY. MADE. GOOD. My trip hashtag was #KBcrawlsinsideIG because I went to or at least SAW every cute thing/place I see on my Instagram feed (from my freezing cold corner of the northeast) every day. I was only going to be there 2 full days so Alice and Doris (A+D) asked where I wanted to go, I told them, they made an itinerary, and we slayed it.

I arrived mid-afternoon on Tuesday the 2nd, and asked my Lyft driver to take me to Coffee + Food on Larchmont.


Full disclosure: I may have gotten MOST of my must-visit list from this post on StudioDIY (my hands-down favorite blog and like 85% of the reason I wanted to go to LA in the first place) but since Kelly doesn’t drink coffee (what?) I got my coffee rec’s from her husband, Jeff.

I had had NO COFFEE (I repeat, NO. COFFEE.) before I got on the plane so I rolled up, literally suitcase and all, to the counter and told the little man I wanted to biggest iced coffee they could manage (which was a thimble by New England standards) and a sandwich fit for David the Gnome. The sandwich and thimble were delish but come on…so I went BACK UP and asked for another (I’ll tell YOU when I’ve had enough!) and another snack.

Later, my husband would text me and ask if I spent a total of almost $30 at some place called “Coffee + Food?” and I asked what his point was.

After this, I walked my caffeinated ass down Larchmont, through my new neighborhood, and immediately knew I had picked the right place to spend my days. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Salt and Straw, Jeni’s – all places I see regularly tagged by my favorite IG follows, right in one spot.

I checked into my AirBnB at about 3:30 PST, sat for a minute, then decided now was as good a time as any to see if I could vacation alone. More backstory: I don’t do ANYTHING alone. I wasn’t even supposed to do this trip alone! I was supposed to go with a friend but she had to cancel but I still REALLY wanted to go so here I was. A cross-country plane ride, using Lyft, staying in a strange place…all by myself. I found the AirBnB I was sitting in all by myself. I booked it. I signed up for Lyft. And I decided I would go to the Grove for a couple hours. Ya gotta eat, right?? Plus, this was probably the most fancy mall I’d ever see and BONUS! There was supposedly some place in there called STICKER PLANET.

I got myself another Lyft and went on my merry way. When I got there, I was like OH OK.


It was still really crowded even though it was after Christmas and I basically wandered around in a daze, looking for signs of stickers amongst brightly lit marquees for things like Barnes and Noble and Nike, when I spotted a Dylan’s Candy Bar. WHY HELLO. They also had a TopShop which was very exciting. But no Sticker Planet!

I did a full loop (with one hand in a bag of gummi bears the whole time) and still nothing so I went to the concierge. They’re all “Hello ma’am welcome to The Grove how can I help you I’m prettier than you and so shiny but I help” and I’m like *face full of licorice “STICK-ARRRRS” so Nice Lady pulls out a map and shows me where I am to go so I mutter my thanks through my Haribo Raspberries and off I go.

It’s in something called the Farmer’s Market but that seemed confusing so I go around it…and near it…finally IN IT and I realize there are some little stores inside this SNACK WONDERLAND and finally! I find it!

sticker planet

It’s tiny but AMAZING. Floor to ceiling and wall to wall stickers of all kinds arranged by theme…omg. I would say my 8-year-old self almost had a heart attack but who am I kidding? My current self had a heart attack.

I went a little wild buying stickers but YOLO ammiright?

After that, I made a beeline for a little empanada stand I had seen in my frantic search for stickers, housed a couple of those, ignored a donut place on the way out (so many donuts to come in the next couple days!) then took my third Lyft ever right back home.

I managed to sleep about 9 hours and thought that would be plenty, even with the time change, to prepare me for 2 full days with my tiny tour guides.

How wrong I was…


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