Calliope Takes LA! Part 3

Part 1 here and Part 2 here!

Since we were starting a little later on Day 2 of our Fantastic Voyage, and also since the owner of the house where I was staying was out, and wouldn’t be looking out his window at me, I decided I’d lounge in the sun a bit and deadhead his roses creep on his garden while I waited for A+D to arrive.

When I arrived on Tuesday, I had noticed the POMEGRANATE TREE right away (full of dried up pomegranates, mind you, because oh those aren’t $12,000 at Whole Foods or anything) but I hadn’t noticed the two kumquat bushes


or just how many different kinds of roses he had. And I got totally obsessed with these 5 palm trees huddled together in the corner of his property.


Our first stop that morning was another round of bubble tea (huzzah!) and then it was off to JapanLA for MOAR SANRIO STUFFS but we also stumbled onto a bunch of other really fun shops on Melrose Ave like New Profanity (Heck YES!)


This *ahem pink and yellow shop full of swears was totally up my alley and was full of so many pins and just generally awesome treats and treasures. Their patch and pin wall was really fun to explore with so many artists I had never seen!

After this it was another round of tacos and donuts! We hit Leo’s Tacos, a truck in Inglewood, and then straight to the famous RANDY’S DONUTS!


Since I was already HERE and like, YOLO, mayyyyybe we got a dozen donuts for just the three of us…

But they were TINY. We each tried the ones we wanted and then they went into the trunk for…um…later. I had a sprinkles donut (duh) and tried a glazed cruller/stick/whatever and a bit of the apple turnover A+D wanted. And just as a side note…so far, none of the donuts were really measuring up to my all-time favorite donuts…just sayin’.

After our SECOND taco stop turned out to be closed, we hit the road and struck out for what I would later find out is the West Side. To Bonjour Fete!


We were supposed to go to some other places but A+D changed the itinerary as I added stuff because they are AWESOMMMMME! I told them shopping was a higher priority than snacks (I KNOW but when I have to actually prioritize? It’s gonna be shopping…) so here we were!


Bonjour Fete was SO. CUTE. you guys. I never have parties, really. I’m one of those stressed hostesses. I can never relax and have fun and it probably has something to do with my introverted-ness. I like having people over but it ratchets up my stress hardcore. So while I didn’t NEED anything….I WANTED like EVERYTHING.



It was hard not to! Everything was just so amazingly curated and merchandised. There were things you could add to a birthday or cocktail party you didn’t even know you could!

I carelessly bought things I was pretty sure I could fit in my suitcase and then it was off to Hollywood to visit Glitter Death! I never did get to see the Hollywood sign but the scenery out to Bonjour Fete and back was really beautiful. I saw where the fires had torn though and was able to see a bit of The Getty from the highway.

As we headed into the thick of Hollywood, though, I was more sure than ever that skipping all that crap was the best decision EVER. There were crowds on EVERY. CORNER. It looked like a nightmare. We found Glitter Death and unfortunately…it was closed. It was our ONLY strike-out and I wasn’t too sad since I wasn’t super invested in visiting. Also, there was an In ‘N Out right around the corner!


I finally got to have an In ‘N Out burger and fries and I was pretty excited about it. However, and I know I’m going to get hate mail for this, but it wasn’t quite the magical experience I was hoping for. Good! But not Earth-moving.



As I said earlier, I think I was the most excited about this because I didn’t know Big Bud had a location AND when we went before, it was closed! Now we could go in!


I had seen stuff in the window I wanted, too! And talk about optimizing space. Big Bud was TI-NY. All they needed was a rack for clothes and a small wall for their pins and that’s what they had! But I still felt there was so much to see! All the colors, vintage wallpaper and toys, and their packaging was so on point.



So now we were basically done with my list, but the night was still young! So what did we do? Headed back downtown to a place called The Last Bookstore! Intrigue!


This place was so seriously cool. A huge bookstore downstairs, “bookstore” being understatement of the year, and upstairs, a book MAZE as well as a gallery and artists studios!




There was even a section of books with no dust jackets that were arranged by color! I would love to go back here and just wander around and really LOOK.

Next stop was EATS. I had expressed a desire for a sandwich. So. Doris being master Yelp-er, found us a sandwich place not too far away


that had outdoor seating because did I mention? We had a tiny, furry, sidekick with us the whole time!


and I was pretty pumped because I think sandwiches are a food group. I forget the name of the place we went but I did get my husband a t-shirt there sooooo

And that was it! (“it…”)

A+D dropped me at my AirBnB and it was over! Our adventure had come to an end too soon.

We had SO. MUCH. FUN. together but I was off to Berkeley to see a friend I hadn’t seen in YEARSSSSS so my LA time was cut a little short, but I couldn’t leave without trying to meet up with THIS GIRL:


I got to hang with Kelly Mindell!

I met up with Kelly at Go Get ‘Em Tiger the morning I was off to Berkeley and it was so cool to sit and chat with her for a while! Of course it was also nerve-wracking because I didn’t want to make a total butt of myself. Kelly and I chat over IG messenger sometimes but I can think before I speak and edit what I say there. God knows what I’ll say in person.

Case in point: on my way to the cafe, I could have SWORN a flock of PARAKEETS flew overhead as I was walking. I heard screeching and looked up and saw little green birds! Are parakeets NATIVE here?!?!?! So I get there, see Kelly, we say hi, and then I say, “Ummm is it possible I just saw a flock of fucking PARAKEETS flying around out there?”

Her response: “Probably. It’s LA.”

Fair enough.

We sat and chatted, talked shop a little, just hung out! It was really fun to meet her and so nice of her to make time to hang out with me while I was there. Maybe my favorite thing of my whole trip was as we were leaving the cafe, a lady stopped the two of us and asked where we were going all decked out in pink and I said to her, “This is just what we look like…”


I said goodbye to Kelly, did one more walk-through of my room, and off I went to LAX! Next stop! OAKLAND!