We haven’t chatted in a while! How have you been?

It’s been up and down here at the store. Valentine’s Day was super busy as you can imagine and then HARD BRAKE right after. What a roller-coaster! I feel like Spring is just around the corner (of course as I post this it’s goddamned SNOWING…) and I’m really excited for the evening sun and people walking around Natick Center more!

I have lots of fun things going on at the store like MY CALLIGRAPHY CLASS! I mentioned it once like months ago and ever since, people have been asking “Are you really doing a calligraphy class? Like REALLY really?” Yes! REALLY REALLY but it’s filling up fast! Better sign up! Get all the details and sign up HERE!

Now let’s roam the internet!

Check out Hartland on Hudson (maker of those little nail tats you love so much) on The Shopkeepers!
I just bought one of these and this would look so cute with it.
Make your own standing desk!
Finally! The answer to the question you’ve been pondering since Oscar night…
I think Charlotte needs some shiny shoes…yes my car’s name is Charlotte. (via The Dainty Squid)

Have a great weekend!

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