Nasty Women of History!

They’re finally here!

I am so excited to present to you: the Nasty Women of History Valentine set!


Included in the set are 12 original line drawings of our 12 Nasty Women by my pal Sarah K, digitized and laid out by graphic design wizard, Travis Duda of Hunchback Graphics.

Each Valentine features a different famous lady and a coordinating cheeseball pick-up line that plays off her achievement. See above: Sally Ride’s Uranus joke for her trip to space as the first American lady astronaut.

This was a hoot and a half to put together. It involved a LOT of back and forth between me and Travis pitching TERRIBLE puns, cracks, and “that’s what she said” style lines to each other over email, text, and one writer’s-room kind of dinner party.



Here’s a closer look at all our ladies. Included in the line-up are:

Harriet Tubman
Susan B. Anthony
Jane Goodall
Annie Oakley
Anne Frank
Mary Shelley
Betsy Ross
Rosa Parks
Julia Child
Sally Ride
Amelia Earhart



On the reverse, each Valentine has a “to” and “from” but also a short and sweet bio on each lady describing her contribution to our collective history. We poke fun, but we also pay the homage these brave, witty, creative, and brainy gals deserve. After all, no one should ever take themselves too seriously.


We worked really hard to make sure these were first and foremost a LAUGH but at the end of day, a salute to the women who raised a middle finger to the status quo, the patriarchy, or the ridiculous rules that never held them down, only delayed them a bit.

We really hope that you enjoy them, have a chuckle, and send them to all your pals because guess what else! 20% of our profits are going to Planned Parenthood. Ladies of the past (some present) helping ladies NOW.

You can find them here online, or come on down to Calliope in Natick!