Welcome to a very special edition of FRIYAY!

It’s less than a week until my very first trunk show, kicking off a series of artists coming to peddle their beautiful wares right here in the store! Starting us off is none other than Miss Carrie Wagner of SepiaLepus! Carrie is multi-talented and her imagination is as deep as the ocean occupied by the subjects in her detailed illustrations. She also makes ornament versions of her creatures and recently started offering beautiful framed watercolor originals! As you can surmise, I am VERY excited to have Carrie in and I hope you will come and stop by if you’re local to Natick!

After a brutal year, few months, and past few days, today’s internet offerings are all desserts and baby animals.


Dudes at a bachelor party adopt homeless puppies.
Chocolate chip biscuit s’mores.
Fluffernutter Waffle Sandwiches.
Bulldogs to make you smile!
LOLz and dogs.
Donut Crunch Candy Bark.
A SHIT TON of cute animals.
and finally….
You need to be following this domesticated otter on Instagram right now.

Have a great weekend you guys!

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