Happy Friday!

Only a couple more Sundays left in the South End! Just this coming Sunday and the 30th and that’s it! Come and see us before the season ends!

I’m super excited because tomorrow I get to go hang out at the New England Planner Girls Fall Meet-up! Yes you heard right, planner addicts from all over the Northeast are coming to NATICK to just hang out and play and trade supplies, and I was invited to have a table! I’m so excited! But don’t worry, the store will still be open 10 – 5 with my husband behind the wheel. Go and in say hi, won’t you? And buy something so he feels like he helped.

Let’s explore the internet!

Who’s the best pud-pud??
Cool book covers.
If you’re prone to stationery boners, you might want to sit down before looking at this.Along the same line, these adoption baby shower invitations are just BEAUTIFUL.
Love this time lapse video of Iron Curtain Press putting a new center table in at their shop, Shorthand in LA.
Loving these illustrations featured on OSBP this week!

Have a great weekend!

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