Happy Halloween weekend!

I’ll be hanging out at the Natick Center Spooktacular this weekend, and my dutiful husband will be watching the store for me. If you’re in the area, come down with your little people! There’s lots of stuff happening all day but the trick-or-treat parade starts at 2, and that’s where I’ll be…in my costume!

Also, if you pop in to the store, I’m giving away a little Sheldon the Snail pin with every purchase! Yay! I got some really fun things in this week so come in and see new calendars, wristlets and keychains, new cards, all kinds of stuff!

AND (last thing) this weekend is the LAST SUNDAY in the South End! But it’s going to be a-freakin-mazing. Costumes, booze, AND the live graffiti artists will be back! Last time they were here, a random dance party broke out and people started friggin’ breakdancing! Not to mention all the artists and crafters so please come and see us off for the season!

Ok. Moving on!

Here’s the best of the internet (IMO)

If Harry Potter stories had modern muggle technology.
This lady cut out cardboard masks for her chihuahua. I died.
I’m sorry…did you say IRIDESCENT PUMPKINS?
Yet another pin I NEED.
BAHAHAHA so guilty of this