Here’s a funny story for you this fine Friday. Last Sunday at the South End Market, I am going about my business and melting my FACE OFF because it was so fucking hot…when a tattooed girl with green hair popped around the corner and just said, “Hi!” And so I stared at her, stunned (at which time I later found out she was thinking, “Oh damn she doesn’t know who I am and I know I have to awkwardly introduce myself…”) but I recovered and promptly flipped my shit, dropped what I was holding, and yelled “HOLY SHITSNACKS!!! HI!!!!!” Then turned to my husband and went “THIS IS THE DAINTY SQUID!!!”

How cool is that?? Kaylah and her boyfriend, Jeff, were on their way through the Northeast and made a detour in Boston to check out some of our rad cemeteries and walked mile(s) in the STUPID hot heat to see me! In fact, she said, “YOU SAID to come visit you…” (Which I did, on my Instagram that morning. Fresh…) Anyway we chatted for a bit and then they had to bounce because they thought they might be illegally parked but how nice is that?? Kaylah also noted that she knew if I saw Boston on her blog and she hadn’t stopped by, I would have murdered her and she is not wrong. I just hope she comes back so I can take her to more cemeteries. Ok ANYWAY! So!


It’s like the stationery Superbowl!! And guess what! In just a couple weeks, I am having an event here in the store to celebrate such a momentous event: an Alice’s Table flower arranging class! Celebrate sending the munchkins packin’ and relax with your pals here in the shop! Learn to make a super pretty flower arrangement, and while you’re here, maybe treat yourself to something fun for YOUR desk! After all, why should the kids get all the fun? There might even be a special discount for attendees! Sign up here!

Shall we cruise the internet? Let’s!

Who else had one of these??
The description of this pencil holder DIY says it will blow your mind…and it WILL.
Into comics? A friend of mine just took Boston ComicCon by storm and now you can buy his books here!
What would you call a fort in which you do *ahem…ADULT ACTIVITIES?
Instant happiness: just add Oreos.
Unsolicited dick pic.
An envelope full of fruit.

Alright weirdos. That’s all I got for ya today. Have a good weekend! And don’t forget to sign up for my flower class!

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