As we speak, I am leafing through the Mrs. Grossman’s catalog and dying at every page. Everyone has something that just takes them back to “a simpler time” and for me, it’s STICKERS. And let’s be clear: I am in no way done with stickers now that I’m an adult but I just remember standing in my favorite little party store in Newton Center, in front of rolls and rolls of Mrs. G’s tiny glitter stars or die-cut animals clutching a couple crumpled bills, sweating my decision like it was the end of the world. I want to give that gift to some other little kid. It’s your first lesson in adulting, really. You got .85 cents, MAKE A CHOICE.

Ok! More adventures in adulthood: CRUISING THE INTERNET. Let’s go!

Otter bath time!
15 uses for binder clips!
Loving all the back-to-school round ups coming out! This one has many things found in my own shop (hint, hint!) and this one is a video!
I can’t deal with any of these but I think #12 might win because it’s on whiteboard and I LOVE me some whiteboard…
Let’s take a look at your Big Chubby.
You have to see this Beagle puppy barking in his sleep. I died.

Have a great first week back to school everyone!