Look what I did!

My minty fresh wall needed something to point the way to the door so that’s what I did. Later that day, a cop was headed toward the door and when I saw him coming, I was like OH FUCKING HELL thinking he was going to yell at me about my sign but then I realized street cops don’t care about sign compliance and so we chatted about cards and Pokemon. He was adorable.


Anywho! I have some super fun stuff for you to look at today! Check it out!

Struggles of a modern girl.
Asshole bird on a plane.
LOVING this DIY Yahtzee game. One time I got TWO Yahtzees in one game. Rob was not impressed.
SO MUCH APPLAUSE for Jennifer Aniston’s article on HuffPo.
Harry Potter mean texts.
Everyone says to watch the bird on the right but the bird on the left is the one putting up his foot like “DUDE WHOA. Can you not??”
These deviled egg Jell-o shots are HYSTERICAL!

If you’re local to Boston, make sure to hit up ArtBeat in Davis Square on Saturday! It’s my favorite outdoor market all year and I can’t go because I’ll be pushing paper in Natick so go and have a waffle or some Red Bones for me.

And come see me in the South End on Sunday! Woot!

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