Creeper & Toss: Lucky Horse Press!

I feel like every month I’m saying to you “I’m super excited to share this month’s behind-the-scenes series with you guys!” but I ALWAYS AM and this month is no different. Today we are going behind-the-scenes with Lucky Horse Press! The brilliant brain behind awesome cards like this and this resides in Miss Michele Lee and let me tell you she is a hoot and a half. Never failing to slide in a pun wherever possible, Michele’s personality as well as her use of color and darling illustrations make her a stand-out artist and super fun to be around.

I met Michele for realsies this past year at NSS and we had so much fun chatting I almost left her booth without looking at her work! Just a hazard of being awesome, I guess. Ok enough out of me. Take it away, lady!

* * * * * * * * * *

Hi everyone! My name is Michele Lee and I am comin’ atcha from a little place called New Jersey.

When I first learned letterpress it was during the time that I was working at one of my favorite vintage clothing brands. I became obsessed with process and how things used to be made and as a graphic designer I felt that letterpress printing would help me relive the past in the best way. At the time I lived a few blocks from The Arm letterpress studio in Brooklyn and it was convenient to practice printing. I made some cards and prints that featured geometric, southwest-inspired motifs including some skulls and crystals. In June 2014 I was invited to do a West Elm pop-up in Manhattan and that’s when I met Emily of Hartland Brooklyn. Not only did she have an awesome display of cards she offered great advice while assuring me that it was possible to make this a full time job. I had no idea that this could be real and each day it seems like I am getting closer to that goal.


I’m really into soda right now. You should totally try it! I finally got a haircut in over a year. This is my go to style and I call it “that dude from Creed.”


This is one side of my warehouse aka my boyfriend’s former record room. To the right, behind the shelves is his record collection. Unfortunately because of this ultimate sacrifice he will probably never listen to anything in there ever again. Sorries! :-/

(Editor’s Note: AAHHHHH It’s so prettyyyy!)


This is where paper is trimmed, magnets are assembled and orders are packaged.

(Ed. Note: Where the magic happens… (O.o) )


This is a close up of the milk crates on the work table. They contain a collection of little things I like. Instead of having mood boards, these old milk crates are a little bit like dioramas and they work just as well. It’s great for keeping things weird.


Nerdy things happen in my office—drawing, designing and emailing. It also doubles as a dressing room.


Mixing inks is one of my favorite things to do when printing because the colors are so pretty. This is different than measuring ink proportions because measuring ink is a lot less fun.

(Ed. Note: Also math)


My parents were awesome to let me move this steampunk press into their garage. If I’m not waiting in line at the ice cream stand I’ll be in here tinkering around on the Heidelberg windmill this summer.


Printing more backing cards for our ice cream truck pin!


Reprinting a favorite on the Vandercook Universal at The Printmaking Center of NJ.


Thanks for hanging out with me today!

* * * * * * * * * *

Thanks Michele! If you guys liked checking out Lucky Horse today, be sure to come back next month and creep on another new brand!

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