How was everyone’s long weekend? I got to spend Monday with my husband and we did all kinds of fun things like go to the Roger Williams Zoo where we saw flamingo fights and bald eagles #MERICA! We also got coffee at Mary Lou’s which is ALWAYS AWESOME. It’s, like, why anyone would go to Rhode Island for anything.

This week I did my windows over and LOVE. IT. I kinda rushed my first one and it didn’t come out the way I wanted which bummed me out but this is spectacular. If I had it to do all over, I’d add more cones toward the top to give it more of a “trickled” look but I am super pleased with it regardless. I found the garland tutorial on Pinterest (ob-v) and it took me all day, almost uninterrupted.

And SPEAKING of the internet…shall we?

If dogs had Dog 911. OMG. OMG.
Are YOU a fan of Clue? If so, you’ll love this.
Another reason to love Jennifer Weiner.
Just make it a shit brown peacock with a nutsack on its face lol
We’re not RUDE. Just HONEST.
If you’re into fonts, you’ll love this thing.

If you’re local to MA come see me this weekend in Natick from 10-5 on Saturday or at the South End Market 10-4 on Sunday!

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