Woo-hoo for Friday! It’s not Friday in the I-don’t-have-to-come-to-work sense for me but is it really work when I’m pushing paper in between catching up on my blog reading? Probably not.

Last night was my first Natick Nights! My little town has super fun events until 8 during the summer every Thursday and so I had a little card-making table and drew snails on the sidewalk to get people to come ALL THE WAY OVER THE BRIDGE to come and see me. If you follow me on Snap Chat you saw the whole thing but it was really fun! Ok not REALLY fun but I did have one little boy come and make a card for his little sister and I thought that was just so cute…

Ok I have some really fun internet crap for you to look at today. Check it out:

This cracked me up because sometimes I fall asleep while my husband goes on and on IN DETAIL about his day at work. “…and I couldn’t believe it because that’s not how you use a DNS server, you know??” *eyeroll
Harry Potter school supplies?? UM YES PLEASE.
This person is a sign-maker after my own heart.
Only the important questions here, people…
Duh. Where else…
Loving the washi tape here!

Have a fabulous 3-day weekend! I’m pumped to have a day with my husband on Monday because we both have it off! Yay!

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