We made it! Another Friday! Yay!

Although there is a reason to be SUPER PUMPED for Monday…do you know what that is?It’s #nationalbandoagendaday! YASSSSSS! It’s the day you can finally start using your agenda!! Wait, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE ONE??? OMG dude what are you doing with your life?? Not to worry. I still have a couple and there’s all kind of fun accessories to go with it so no one will never know you weren’t 100% prepped for this exciting day and you can join all the fun that coming next week!

While you’re stewing about which one to get, let’s check out the internet!

Be still my heart
I had my first box of Pocky only a couple months ago (I KNOW) but I want to make THESE.
Oh, I carry six of them. Whatever. I’m awesome.
A back-to-school gift jar!
This is probably really old but I LOLed.
Number 9 is priceless.
These guys will put me out of business…
Mine smells like apple cider donuts and Dunkin coffee. What’s your smell like? (via Cup of Jo)

Have a fab weekend! See you soon when you ocme pick up your agenda! 😉