I Have An Agenda

Happy Monday everyone!

Mondays have a thing about them don’t they? And when a new month starts on a Monday it’s like a WORLD of possibility! Especially if it’s a 30-day month like April, June, September or November (who else knows the rhyme??) You can do a 30-day challenge that starts on a Monday! Holy shit. Cuz you couldn’t possibly start a new diet or a new routine on any day but Monday, could you? That’s just crazy talk.

If you’re like me, you keep track of all your Mondays (and other days) in an honest-to-goodness paper agenda. I thought it would be fun to show you guys the agendas I currently have online and in store! I’ll walk you through them and will link you over so you can find them easily online. Let’s shop!

First up, the reigning Queen of Agendas, the Ban.Do agenda!

Bando Agendas-01

This powerhouse planner has pretty much everything you could ask for in an agenda. The large size has month and week views with lots of room to write your appointments, sticker sheets, super fun doodles and quotes to motivate you, and even has all those made-up “food holidays” marked out so you never forget another Donut Day or Pizza Day or Dragonfruit Daiquiri Day (No, that’s not a thing. Stop asking.)

Bando Agenda Month View-01

Bando Agenda Week View-01-01

Sticker Pages-01

Ban.do has also made a ton of improvements since last year, including coated tabs, gold spiral binding, and a stronger elastic. And the Classic style is no different. This guy fits right in your bag, includes stickers, artwork, fancy holidays, all just a bit smaller!

Classic Month Week-01

CLassic Inside-01

I Am Very Busy Large/Floral Large/I Am Very Busy Classic/Girl Crush Classic

So cute right?? There’s so much more to these you have to just see to believe.

Ok so sometimes you need to plan your day but it doesn’t have to be any particular day, right? Don’t worry I gotchu boo! Here are a couple undated planners that are A++++ for just that sort of thing.

Clap Clap agendas-01

I present to you the undated planner by ClapClap, who are new to the shop lineup! I love so many things about this handy little helper (not Hamburger Helper, guys. This would be terrible in a sandwich.) First of all, the size. It’s 4″x 6″ which is awesome for your purse or laptop bag. It’s super light and the feel of the cover, which the designer refers to as “skin-texture” is just DIVINE. Super smooth and accented with gold foil.

CLapCLap inside-01

The month view has a spot to fill in the year and month you need, doesn’t matter how many go by in between!

CLapCLap inside 2-01

Pink Pocket Planner/Black Pocket Planner

The week view is particularly epic. Each day has a list view with little boxes to check off which are my FAVORITE. I clapclap for this ClapClap planner (See what I did there?)

Oh but what if you need some space for like, drawing or project planning? Calm your tits my friend, I have just the thing.

Moglea Jotters-01

Moglea’s Weekly Jotter is what you need. Promise. Not only is this thing beautifully made; Meg Gleason and her band of artists hand paint and foil stamp the paperboard covers, but it is super useful. Spiral bound, and the 6″x 9″ size is one that fits in your bag but is big enough for all your plans.

Moglea Jotters2-01


Each open week is an undated week on one side, and graph dots on the other, perfect for sketches and drawings. I tell everyone that I used one of these to do all my planning for selling my house while simultaneously prepping for the 2015 South End Market season. Everything was seamless! I didn’t need EVERY week like in a traditional planner but when I had a lot of work to do, this thing was SO helpful.

So what if your days aren’t quite the heavy lift? THIS:

Smitten Daily-01

This little guy is GENIUS. The size is perfect to take with you. At less than 5″ square, it fits practically anywhere and it has to be said; anyone who makes ALL their products with gold foil deserves attention. Every page inside is also gold!

Smitten Daily2-01

Smitten on Paper Daily Planner

If you think something this tiny can’t be useful (lol) you’d be dead wrong, you presumptuous butthole! There’s space to write your appointments, make a to-do list, even write overall goals for the day. Sit down with this little guy and your coffee and get ready for your day!

PHEW! I’m tired just TELLING you guys about how to get stuff done.

Assorted Planners-01

And that’s not even all of them! I also have the Daily Jotter (little bro to the Weekly Jotter), this desktop planner pad, and this yearless planner!

Ok guys if you get nothing done don’t blame me, got it? Write that down.

You find these all online or come see me in Natick bright and early (ish) tomorrow morning!

Psst…stickers, tape, and pens!

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