Man it’s been forever since I did a Fri-YAY round-up huh? Betcha think I have all this fun stuff stocked up for such an occasion but that is simply not the truth. I’ve been a LITTLE BUSY. That is NOT to say, however, I don’t have amazing LOLz from around the internets for you to peruse so let’s get to it.

Some new Harry Potter texts that are actually funny.
Captioned art is one of my all time favorites uses for the internet. Here’s a whole bunch made by The Toast. So good.
Yet another amazing shark meme.
Maybe the best idea EVER.
I want sprinkles.
Check out this basketweave photo booth made from paper! (Found via Studio DIY)
Reminiscing over NSS with Nole from OSBP. Her post on the “brights” booths is total eye candy!

Ok kids have a great weekend and if you are local to MA, come visit me at the store tomorrow or the South End on Sunday! Love you! Mean it!

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