Open For Biz

Like anything else you get yourself all excited for, the whole transition from corporate day-job to being my own boss came and went way too fast and I barely had time to register every step. The Friday I said goodbye to the office I went to every day for almost 6 years was rushed because Rob and I had dinner plans. Before I knew it I was walking out with a box and yelling “BYE YOU GUYS!!” across the whole floor (yes, I actually did that.)

The following week I had off. I spend Monday at the beach with my bestie and then hoped to only spend about 1 MAYBE 2 days at the store finishing up in there.


All week. I was there all week almost every day. Friday night I had a small get-together to thank everyone who helped and encouraged me on this journey. My husband surprised me with a so-thoughtful congratulations present, a print he commissioned from Victoria of Paper Epiphanies who I love…



Yes, friends. That says, “What would Carrie Bradshaw do?”


Know what she would do? BUY THE THING. I hope it’s inspiring to my shoppers.

We cleaned up and closed up and then it was time to open on Saturday morning! Holy crap! Last year, I was lamenting my shitty office job and wishing for a store. The following February I secured a space, quit my job in May, left June 3rd and here I am, sitting in my very own stationery store, something I have wanted so hard for most of my professional, if not ENTIRE life, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Yesterday, my pal Stacey came to bring me coffee (bless her) and she asked me, “Are you having so much fun???” and I didn’t want to disappoint her but this whole thing still feels like a mean trick. That I’ll have to tear everything down after a week, just like my pop-up. And it’s still too scary to truly enjoy! Which is awful, I know, but we’re being real here. I have no idea when I’ll feel “ok.” Will it take a month? Through the holidays? A year? 2 years? NEVER? Could someone please just let me know which so I can just stop looking over my shoulder and essentially ruining my own fun?

Circling back to Sex & the City, it was Charlotte who said, “No one gets everything they want!” I have everything I want. I mean not EVERYTHING I could totally go for an icy caffeinated beverage right now. And a vacation. More or less, everything though. Why am  I so special? The truth is, I’m not. I was meant to do this and I worked my ass off to make it happen. So here I am. Behind a check-out counter built for me by a man who has always believed in me, especially when I didn’t. On a floor put in by the same guy and his friend. Surrounded by walls I painted from top to bottom with what turned out to be slightly purple fucking white paint. Looking at a small, but carefully curated collection of THE MOST FUN notepads, pens, planners, tote bags, and best of all, CARDS!

Shit, guys. I HAVE MY OWN STATIONERY STORE. Some douchewhistle from Comcast came in here yesterday and said he was looking for the owner but I looked too young to be the owner and I said, “That’s me.” I’M THE FUCKING OWNER.

All that said…ya wanna see what I own?


Here she is! Meet Calliope! I did a little SnapChat tour yesterday but this is better because you can really see everything and also because I suck at SnapChat. This is the view from the card wall. Remember what it used to look like in here?


Speaking of my card wall. Here it is! All full up and nicely labeled. One day last week I was cracking into a huge amount of shipments, cranking through pricing and whatnot and I happened to stop and look up at the wall and almost cried because it looked so cute. I was so busy filling I didn’t realize how “done” it was getting!

Let’s get back to my center table…


I made this, like, AGENDA CENTRAL. (Side note: those medium agendas are already gone!) And how much do you love that metal container above the coffee thermals that says “Get to Work” on it??


Around the side I wanted to make a sort of black, white, pink, purple color story with all this cute stuff that I loved together. My plan was for every side of the table to be inspirational in different color ways. And I continued it around the corner…



Love these pocket planners by ClapClap and I matched them with saucy pencils by Sweet Perversion. So good!


Here’s the back of the table with a sort of neutrals/gold/chartreuse palette. Mixing up Moglea, Smitten on Paper, and Katie Leamon made this super easy to put together.

Let me show you my styled desk!


My print from Paper Epiphanies went right above and there’s my baby, my mint typewriter! This is actually a kitchen island I found at Ikea! It was perfect with the drawer and the shelf on the bottom!


I put all my desk accessories from Pink Orange here and the skeleton binder clips from Studio Stationery as well. You can also see the little cacti I picked up at Home Depot. I painted their little pots and they looks so cute all over the store.


Over to the shelves! I had a hard time with these because I couldn’t fill them ALL with stuff to sell so I had to decorate them somehow so it didn’t look empty. I collected some stuff the last couple months to put up there like the folders and the hot pink storage boxes. I also had all these kraft cardboard binders from when my office moved. I mean like 5 or so boxes of 6 each. I painted them all different colors and spread them out and they look really cute!


Here’s a better look! I keep my pins here and I assembled a washi bar! As you can see. Because it says “washi bar.” Eyeroll.  To the right I wanted there to be a central place for all the notecards and thank you’s.


Here’s another cactus and I framed some of my favorite, erm, inspirational prints from my office at home. This one is made by Union Press here in MA and made me LOL.


Close up of my pins! I have cuties by Little Arrow, Lucky Horse, and Hello Lucky!


On the shelves to the right of the desk I have kind of mish-mash of accessories and general fun things. Keychains from Sweet Perversion, “FU” earrings from Little Arrow, and these awesome water bottles from


And here’s my window! I made it look just kind of “party-ish” for now until I had more time to devote to it. I’m not 100% married to it but I don’t think it’s awful.

So here I am! My little corner of Natick full of de-lish paper fun! If you’re local, please come and see me! I’d love to meet you!

Thanks for reading!

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