Creeper & Toss: Bench Pressed!


Super excited to bring you this month’s Creeper subject: Bench Pressed! I met Jane and Andy Shannon my first year buying at NSS, when I was too afraid people would think I was nobody to be excited to actually be there. Jane was super nice though and I loved her profanity-laced sentiments. Three years later, I’m still buying the same cards I bought that year because they are STUPID POPULAR and of course loading up on new ones because they’re also REALLY WELL MADE, and when I visit their booth it’s all HEYYYYY and OHMAHGAHHHHHD, and when I asked them to not only print but also design invitations for my grand opening during their busiest time of year, they were like “Um, OBVIOUSLY.”

It’s safe to say I think they’re totally rad and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual but I can’t be sure. I mean I keep asking them to do shit like this where they’re busy trying to like, MAKE STUFF and work and whatever.

I’ll let them take it from here…

Hi everyone! It’s Jane & Andy Shannon from Bench Pressed all the way from Minneapolis!


Our shop is in St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s amazing in the summer and is hell on earth in the winter. Our stationery roots run deep; Andy has a background in illustration and printmaking, and, I, Jane have a background in retail, specifically as a stationery buyer. We started coming up with ideas for cards and thought, “Hey, we can actually do this”. The rest is history.

Weird facts about us: Andy is left handed and really into football. He really hates kombucha. I am right handed, also really into football and love kombucha! We both are addicted to terrible television, which we watch while folding cards. We swear a lot. #sorrynotsorry


We start our mornings by walking our dogs, Joe (on the left) and Lupita (on the right). We are lucky enough to live close to the Mississippi River, so we take the dogs there to get a good amount of running in so that they can sleep all day at the studio. Because, what’s a print shop without a shop-dog or two? 


Our studio is located in the old Hamm’s Brewery in St. Paul. This is a current (and not pretty) view of the office/packing side of the studio. We’re working hard to get all these orders out of the shop ASAP. We did the National Stationery Show in New York in May and we’re still packing ‘em up and sending ‘em out.

Editor’s note: I got mine already because I AM SO COOL.


This is the other side of the shop, or the press room. Today we’ve got Molly on the windmill and Andy’s working on the C&P. We recently added Molly to our shop to help print, so we can continue to create new work while keeping up with orders and she’s awesome.



We’ve made it a priority to find the best tacos around town and this truck is the best. #alpastor

Ed. note: Al Pastor is my FAAAAAAAVE


After a nice lunch, we’re back at it. Here’s a view of our current print list, and some un-finished cards, waiting for another color.

Letterpress requires that each color is printed one at a time, meaning that if it has 3 colors, it goes through the press three times. It’s a lot of work, but that’s why we love it so much.


We’re so lucky that our families live in town and will help us pack up orders when needed. Today we’ve got my dad (on the left) and Andy’s mom (on the right) stickering a shit load of cards that are headed to Urban Outfitters.

Ed. note: How friggin cute is this??


Andy is on 2 softball leagues this summer and honestly, it’s a really good excuse for me head out of the shop at a reasonable hour, grab a blanket, a couple of beers and sit outside with the dogs. #damngladdens


Thanks so much for following along with us, we are so lucky to be able to have this little business that we love so much and we’re so glad that you guys got to see what we do all day. Now we’re going to sit in our backyard and have a couple of adult beverages to celebrate the day being over. Ps. Andy might have dribbled a little beer on himself as we were trying to take a picture. #stayclassy

Thanks so much guys! You are A+++++ in my book!

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