Happy Friday you guys!

Here’s to another week at the store! Every day that passes and someone just comes in I’m like


Sometimes I feel like Papa Scrooge swimming in gold coins except instead of gold coins, it’s cards, and instead of swimming I’m sitting and admiring but you get the idea.

AAAAAAAANYWAY shall we take a look around the internet?

Paper greeting cards still not going A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E
Puppy piglet pals!
My favorite of OSBP’s NSS round-ups so far.
This guy hates kids but is due to be a dad in August. Interesting.
I am always searching for DIY natural makeup. Love this lip balm idea!
Someone please buy me this.
DIY Clear Clutch from Why Don’t You Make Me (which is probably THE BEST DIY website name ever…)
Ever since opening the store, I see stuff like this and take it maybe a little too seriously like…it’s just for me or something. Maybe you don’t know this but I’m so weird.

Well that’s what I has for you today! Maybe come down to 1 North Main in Natick and come see me tomorrow? Or to the South End on Sunday? Come say HAI!!!!