NSS WRAP! Part 3

Ready for more booth photos?? I thought so!


Chez Gagne has the perfect mix of all my favorite features of a good card: bright white paper, bold, black text, and a hot colored envelope. Never disappoints! LOVED these “Things I never Thought I’d Say…” cards!


iLootPaperie is a sister team, Alice and Doris, who always wear striped tops to shows which I love because who doesn’t love a theme?? They were a delight to chat with and I loved all the illustrations in their happy booth!


Paper Bandit knows how to rock a diagonal color block ammiright?I love how it even goes across the shelves. Attention to detail!


Fox and Fallow’s booth is always a stunner. The black background makes all their beautiful work jump out at you like “BUY MEEEE!” and of course you have to be like, “OKAYYY!!!!” I mean, you don’t want to be rude


I just love Our Heiday. Talk about a cohesive brand. Patricia Shen’s work is lovely and soothing and beautiful, just like she is! And her booth makes you want to just sit down and rest (which is what my husband did last year…) I was super excited to meet her sister Donna this year since I email with her about orders!


Inclosed Letterpress was a definitely must-see on my list and it did not disappoint. I loved Lesley’s nod to her mom’s Hawaiian heritage in her work. It’s all SO CUTE!


Snow & Graham and I go way back. At least on my side! S&G’s patterns were some of the FIRST paper goods I really loved. I remember a branch design with tiny colored birds (which I think they still make!) that was my fave so to have their darling patterns and colors in my inventory…it’s just a dream!


August Paper’s back wall was a real showstopper! TISSUE PAPER!


Golden Fox Goods had these amazing patterned notebooks on their jewel tone back wall. The combination was EYE CANDY.


And finally…Miss Meg of Moglea created yet another glorious mural wall in her booth. For an artist of her caliber, a big white wall must be just HEAVEN. And when she’s done, it’s heaven for the rest of us!

I have one more to go! Until then, here’s a pic of Ryan Reynolds to rest your eyes…


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One thought on “NSS WRAP! Part 3

  1. Roseanne says:

    I’ve been salivating over all the pictures you’ve posted from the show. As a stationery lover, I’d be in heaven!

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