NSS WRAP! Part 2

Guys. Guys. Can you believe I am still recovering from the Stationery Show? I am so OLD!!! And LAME! Ugh. But let’s not talk about that. You wanna see some booth pics? I confess, I was SO BAD at SnapChat. I would have loved to show you all the booths in real time but I really want to avoid being that person whipping out the phone to snap everything THEN be like, “Now I have to take some pictures! Then edit them! Then put them on Instagram! Then tag them!” before I even talk to the person actually sitting there.

Ew. No.

OK so I have a lot of photos so I’ll probably do, like, 3 posts. Ready?


My first stop was Wild Hart Paper. LOVED their spot. I mean, I loved ALL OF THEM. I wanted to move in.


How cute is the sign all by itself?? And the cards and prints were all so gorgeous.


Next was Lucky Horse! Michele had a camp-like atmosphere which I loved right down to her old-school-looking lawn chair. So cute.


I also found a really cute brand called June & December, which I’d love to pick up soon. They had these SO CUTE cards with a little chickadee saying “Cheeseburger” and it just cracked me up. See it? There to the top left?


When I went to Bash Party Goods, I felt like I was inside my store! Or my house! Same diff! Look at all these great colors in their pile of boxes and honeycomb decorations!


Anne & Kate’s booth was another explosion of bright, fun, neon awesome. I definitely want to add them to my arsenal soon!


After that I visited Gingiber  with their so cute animal illustrations and I just loved their color palette!


I was super excited to see Chic + Nawdie’s set-up since it was their first year at NSS but *ahem I already carry their sweet cards. They looked like multi-year veterans!


A new brand I can’t WAIT for is akr Design Studio. Akiko’s illustrations are just to DIE for. They are all so beautiful and girly.

Easy, Tiger is always good for an LOL. Their tiny cards are so friggin hysterical and I am also a proud owner of one of their “no” mugs which I LOVE.


I thoroughly enjoyed their “Normal-sized cards. Happy now?” sign.

And lastly, for today, Antiquaria!


I just love their pattern work and their rainbow notebooks are my FAVE. I want one of each!

BAM! 11 booth photos DONE. Now your eyeballs are totally burnt out from colors and patterns and drawings!

Here’s a picture of Ryan Reynolds to rest them on.





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