Introducing: Calliope Paperie

Hello friends!

This is a big day! I struggled how to announce this, WHEN to announce it, and even whether I should do the thing at all. I’m still not sure how it will all roll out or if I’m doing it right but when I asked Rosanna for advice a few weeks ago she said, “It’s your company! Do whatever you want!” So here we are. And as everything goes with me, there’s a story.

A month or two ago, I got a cute piece of mail from Ramona and Ruth, a company I’d never heard of. When I opened it, it turned out it was Paper Lovely, and they were changing their name! The owner, Kim, wanted to honor her grandmothers and did so by re-naming her company after them. LOVED IT. It made me think of the other companies I know of that carry the name of the founder’s grandmother and all of a sudden an idea struck me like lightning. Seriously. I felt what could only be described as…a hot flash. I dunno. My mom would know. Anyway. This idea alighted on me like a thousand  lightning bugs.

I wanted to call my new store Calliope Paperie.

Logistically, there’s probably a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t. For the first time ever, I thought ahead and had THREE HUNDRED business cards made for NSS. Expensive ones. My business certificate, my bank account, my PO box, ALL MY VENDORS have “Crumple and Toss” in their little data banks. AND HOLY SHIT what would happen to my SEO?? THE HORROR!

Of course none of that came to mind first. (Except the business cards. Damn.) What came to mind was the fact that it has always kind of eaten at me that my own company wasn’t named after me in any way. Calliope is my middle name and more importantly, my Yaya’s name (my Greek grandmother), which is why I always include my middle initial on everything.


Calliope, (pronounced Kah-lie-oh-pee) is the muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology. She is said to be eloquent, well-spoken, and sometimes pictured wearing a gold crown (side note: I really wanted to slap a crown on my logo but GODDAMMIT HALLMARK.)

Yaya, who went by Cal, was feisty lady, as were her sisters, my aunties, and a heavy amount of my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit comes from these ladies. Also, and maybe this is an overshare, I wouldn’t have been able to do this at all, had I not sucked it up and cashed in the only inheritance I had, Cal’s engagement ring; a two-and-a-half carat diamond. I thought about why I wanted to keep it and realized, if she were alive today, she would have probably slapped me for keeping it for such a stupid reason (any reason) if it came between me and my dream.


My Yaya (in the white) and her sisters Adolpha (Dolly), Aspacia (Nina), and Ismine (Minnie) plus their brother who looks like he saw a ghost?


Finally, the very nature of Crumple and Toss is and has always been, rooted in the fact that I get new ideas and change my mind A LOT. So here we are again. Being true to my brand by changing it. Calliope is just a new part of the bigger story! So what does this mean?  Well, I’m keeping Crumple and Toss as a sort of “parent company” and the name will remain on my own house brand of cards. Calliope will be on the window soon and at some point, the website will be changed. I’m still wrestling with how my Instagram will represent all sides of my business but it will NOT go away or be any less awesome.

It will be tricky and messy, messier than I probably think it will be because I’m like that; thinking something is NBD when it is, in fact, a pretty BD. But if Paper Lovely can change their name after SEVEN years why the hell can’t I after only three or four? This change just feels right. Sure, I’ll probably get stupid people who think I am a music store. This is nothing new…let me take you through every iteration my company has gone through:

10 years ago, I made party invitations. My husband and I were doing this together so we were called Sweetheart Table Design. People thought I made tables. After that, I expanded to include cards and called myself Paper Doll. Guess what people thought then. (So…you don’t sell paper dolls?) Then came Crumple and Toss and I can’t tell you how many assholes asked if I sold things you were supposed to throw away. 😐

I’m really excited to start this new chapter of Crumple and Toss with my brick-and-mortar creation, Calliope Paperie, which, when I think about it, really IS a beast all it’s own and deserves its own unique roar. I can’t wait for you guys to see.


15 thoughts on “Introducing: Calliope Paperie

  1. Tammy A. Robertson says:

    Every facet of this story is amazing. I’m not the star of it and it feels right to me!! Those lightning bugs??? That ‘hot flash’ that your mother would know about ? A total sign. —Divinity, if you ask me. Cannot wait to see your dream come to fruition Krissy.
    BTW, if I can help in any small or big way, please do not hesitate to ask. 😊

  2. Kaylah says:

    First of all, your middle name is the coolest. I would totally ditch my first name and go by that if it was mine (I tried to do that in middle school anyway even though my middle name isn’t cool. It never caught on…)

    Second, those photos are amazing! That one of her at the table is just wonderful. The colors! Her sweet smile! LOVE IT.

    So happy for you on your new adventure! Can’t wait to come visit in person. 🙂

    • KB says:

      Thanks, girl! It is pretty cool unfortunately I was a dumb kid who thought it was “weird” and now it’s too late! I’m having a hard enough time losing “Krissy” (ugh) I was so glad to find those photos especially the one of all the ladies together. I just wish my great uncle George wasn’t staring into space like “where’s the camera??” HAHA
      I hope you can come visit that would be AWESOMMMMME!

  3. krosanna says:

    yay! I think you’re doing it right 😄 and you would not believe the phone calls I get about ironing curtains. no name is ever going to perfect but I love your new one! good luck with the store opening – can’t wait to hear how it all goes.

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