Creeper + Toss: Pixel Paper Hearts!

Can you even believe it’s May?? That means the Stationery Show is like, SOON as in…mere DAYS! So I couldn’t torture one of my showing brands by asking them to remember to document everything they’re doing and then write clever little captions AND THEN email it to me SO I have asked Miss Pixel Paper Hearts to share her day with us! Charisse hails from O CANADA (got space in your guest room for the whole USA??) and, while talented, will not be at NSS next week. That only means she has a bit of time to hang out with us today!

I followed Charisse on Instagram for quite a while because her pictures are just so cute and I loved her cards and mugs so much. One day I posted a photo of one of my card walls for my Sunday market with a caption that said something like “How many brands can you see?” and she commented, “I know one I DON’T see…” LOL

We chatted, she sent me a catalog, and the rest is history! Take it away, girl!


Heeeyyyy, girl heyyyyy. I’m Charisse (pronouced “sha-reese”, try not to butcher it *looking at you barista folks* ) and I’m the #girlboss behind Pixel Paper Hearts! I live in a small suburb just west of Toronto (yes, in Canada!) raising my two babes, and living a simple life as a chef’s wife (not as dreamy as Food Network makes it out to be, but definitely pretty sexy – hubba hubba!) my love affair for all things design sprung out of room 113 – my high school graphic arts class, fast forward to a decade (ish) later … I quit my ‘real’ job as an HR generalist for a Canadian fashion retailer nearly 3 years ago, to pursue this creative life as a work-at-home mama. Best decision ever. But damn, I’ve never worked this hard in my entire life!

Fun weirdo facts about me:
I have slight OCD about washing my feet before bed. Love that fresh feeling!
If you follow me on the Twitter, you’d know I’ve become a sports (baseball / basketball) fan. Like, not a crazy fanatic fan but I’d like to think a bit more than just another bandwagon one!
It must always be said, I’m much cooler on Instagram than in the flesh! If ya dun know, now ya know!
02-pixel paper hearts
Mind yo’ manners! I swear a lot, but I solemnly swear my intentions are good. I also stay up past my bedtime too often. Not very fun when I’ve got mama / adult responsibilities in the AM. High five for coffee. Yes, give me all the coffees.
03-pixel paper hearts
Go on girl, g’head get down! These stickers, easily a fave. oh, and the buttons too!
04-pixel paper hearts
I’ve never met a chip that I didn’t fall in love with. These ones are kale & chia, super healthy. Devouring the entire bag while packing orders, completely justified.
(Editor’s note: TOTES)
05-pixel paper hearts
When the hell did it become May?! The PPH studio is stuck in March, procrastinators unite!  But seriously guys, where is this year going?! It’s almost freakin’ Christmas!
06-pixel paper hearts
Miss Sadie Quinn, the real mvp. This little lady is without a doubt the boss around here between 7am-7pm. She joins her brother at school this September and the thought of her leaving me gets me all teary-eyed! Sure, she’s a stage five clinger and always wants to ‘help’ mama but she’s my number one gal! She also loves chips the way I do, so I think I’ll keep her forever.
(Ed. note: So cute!)
07-pixel paper hearts
I’m a self-taught doodler and I handwrite what you see on my stationery. I used to use a tablet with a stylus but in all honestly, I now just use my finger and the Macbook trackpad. Here’s what a typical ‘piece of paper’ looks like on Illustrator. I doodle wherever there’s free space. sometimes it turns out exactly how I want it to look, sometimes it looks better in my head. Definitely a learning curve, but practice makes it easier!
08-pixel paper hearts
Since day one, I’ve always included a handwritten thank you note with each order. Yes, my hand cramps. Yes, it would probably be easier typing that sh/t out, but it sorta makes my heart full. Without getting overly cheesy, I couldn’t do what I do without you!
Thanks Charisse!!! And for the record I LOVE handwritten thank you’s with my orders! If it says more than just “thank you” I keep it! In the spirit of thank you…THANK YOU for sharing your day and your DESK with us today! You seriously have the most dreamy desk shots.
You can find Pixel Paper Hearts in my shop, at the South End Market on Sundays and soon, my brick and mortar location in Natick, MA! EEK!

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