The weeks are flying, you guys. NSS is only ONE WEEK AWAYYYYY and every time I go to my PO box, it is stuffed with amazing envelopes and even PACKAGES of beautiful invites from my brands. The one pictured above is from Smarty Pants Paper and it’s a TRAPPER KEEPER, guys. Seriously. And the envelope is decorated all crazy! Who remembers making those weird “S” things all the time??

Opening weekend at the South End Open Market was INSANE with the new spot and just being the first day. It wasn’t the greatest weather but the people of Boston still came in droves, wanting handmade amazing-ness and delicious treats from all our food trucks and farmers. We’re doing it again this weekend so BRING YO MAMA for some sassy stationery! I have restocked my “Fresh out of fucks” keychains and I have even more fun new things that I didn’t have last week! EEEE!

Until then, let’s go to the internet for entertainment!

Amazing totally not boring office accessories!
I’m sorry…did you say RAINBOW GRILLED CHEESE??
Ever wonder why Hallmark calls them their “Shoebox” cards?
Meet Smoothie!
I HAVE to eat these
What do you think of the new Frappuccino flavors?
Coleslaw Review cracks me up.
Can’t WAIT to see all this at NSS!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!!

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