NSS WRAP! Part 4

The last round of my booth photos is upon us! And it’s Friday so YEAH let’s hit it!


So here’s a fun story. When my pal Kiwi from Craft Boner came to walk the show and check it out on Monday, she brought donuts from Dough and I told her “We’re in La Familia Green’s booth!” and so over she came WITH A BOX OF DONUTS. OMG. And of course, being gracious as she is, offered one to Mollie and so we all had a donut party in Mollie’s booth at like, 10:15 am. Pretty good way to start the day!


Here’s another fun story. Kate Moore’s Live Love Studio booth is full of encouraging notes and we ended up having a battle to chat using just the phrases on her cards and you also had to point to the one you were quoting. And not take forever to find the next one. It was awesome and she won. Obviously.


I was really looking forward to Ramona & Ruth’s booth because they were the inspiration for the change I made to my store name. It’s weird to refer to a husband/wife team by 2 girls’ names. But anyway. As per usual the new designs were so beautiful in their simplicity and color choices were spot on. Plus Kim and Brad are a hoot to chat with.


So I was maybe a little embarrassingly excited to visit Amy Heitman. From her designs on the cover of Stationery Trends, to the adorable samples she sent me, it was just love at first sight. I just love her fresh take on pairing illustrations with sayings and phrases. And her booth was totally amaze.


Another booth I totally wanted to just move into was Richie Designs. HELLO THE BACK WALL WAS A MINTY AQUA! Yes! She had the jams going which was totally needed since her across-the-walkway neighbor has some kind of loud machine going the whole weekend! Richele was a total pro and smiled her way through! I would be gritting my teeth and cursing them out. Patience. I have it.


SO OMG YOU GUYS The Good Twin was there too! I love love love Katie’s pins and cards and as we speak I have a wallpaper she designed on my work computer (It says, “Hang in there” I mean RIGHT? That’s like, my personal anthem right now…)


So anyway being in her sunset-colored card heaven was a real treat. And I bought all the things. Well, most of the things.


Another brand I had locked into my sights was Clap Clap. I hovered over Mimi’s darling designs last year and didn’t pull the trigger but this year? BANG BANG BITCHES I got cards, notebooks, planners, the WORKS. I am so excited to add them to my inventory and Mimi’s booth just killed it. Everything is so pretty!


When I stopped by Paula and Waffle this year, Paula was too busy like, writing orders and WORKING to chat (pfft!) but I did get a chance to talk to Pei, the owner of Paper + Craft Pantry! She was super encouraging (as was LITERALLY EVERYONE) about the opening of my store and said if had any questions to drop her a line, I mean how sweet is that?? Anyway we hogged the bench in Paula’s booth, not that Paula was using it because she was buzzing around…HELPING PEOPLE and whatever. I mean COME ON. Just because you have all these super cute cards that people want to buy can’t they just help themselves?


Guys. Lionheart Prints. So I didn’t even know what they were all about but they were right across from Lark + Raven, another artist I was pumped to see, and I was sucked in by the sparkles and aqua color in their booth. Am I consistent or what? Come to find out their walls NEVER ARRIVED and Liz Cooke fucking handpainted that shit on foamboard from some rando art store in NYC (after losing her mind for a little while, as you do) and it looked AMAZING! I would never have known that wasn’t on purpose. And her cards are totally boss. This one was my 100% fave.


Ok my captions are getting so long but I feel like there’s a story for like, all of these. Smitten on Paper, another member of my hit list, was nestled on a corner in the higher booth numbers and I literally could not find them for like 5 minutes. The numbers skipped her and when we finally found her, we realized her booth number was totally out of order. It’s like her booth should have been between these 2 others and just….wasn’t. Did we have to find her Secret-Keeper or something? Ok sorry for that HP joke. The point is, (is there one?) her booth and her stuff are super pretty and I loved it.


And last, but certainly not least, Huckleberry Letterpress! YAY! So these goobers asked if they could send me samples and because I’m not an idiot I’m like, “Obviously” and they’re like, “Cool” and then sent me a BOX OF CARDS. I’m talking a couple cards for every occasion you could think of. Naturally I gushed to my husband and he was all, “That’s cool babe.” Typical. Anyway so I got to meet them finally! And see all their new offerings, all of which were totally awesome, up to and including the “I’m Right on Top of That, Rose!” card which is already in my online store because they are the king and queen of shipping.

Wowzers. And that’s it! No more photos or dumb stories. You’re off the hook! And I mean that in every way possible. You don’t have to deal with this anymore AND you’re totally awesome.

Now here’s some Ryan Reynolds to rest your eyes.