Got another update for you guys! I’d grab a snack and a drank if I were you. This is going to be quite the story.

This past weekend was going to be one big huge workday for the store and I had grand plans (warning 1) and a whole team of minions assembled (warning 2). My to-do list was as follows:

  1. Paint the whole exterior white and add mint color block
  2. Pick up and hang card walls
  3. Get new front door. Hang it, paint it.
  4. Pick up and install new trim
  5. Assemble center display table

Less than half of that got done. First of all, it rained. Saturday morning, it rained and it was not supposed to but it DID. I had my mom, step-dad, and BFF all lined up to paint, and instead we sat inside and I ate my sprinkle-munchkin-shaped feelings. I decided to send them home and then about 30 mins later it cleared up. Fuckin’ A. So I did a coat of primer by myself which took FOR. E. VER. because we’re talkin’ DARK TEAL, wood slatted walls about 12-ish feet up and I don’t DO ladders.

MEANWHILE. My husband and buddy Travis piled into a UHaul to pick up the pegboards from a friend who stashed them in their garage for us since the pop-up. God love ’em. HOWEVER. U-Haul decided to, I dunno, cancel our truck without telling us because they decided to close that day for no reason so Rob had to track down another truck on a Saturday last minute. Getting a decent truck, close by, last minute, was the only break we got that day. They picked everything up and drove it over, unloaded, and went back out to pick up stuff at Lowe’s. Meanwhile, I’m still fucking painting because I LOVE IT *eye twitch

When the guys arrive back with the door, they bring it in and realize they bought a right-hand swing door, not a left. Back it went into the truck and back they went to Lowe’s. When Door #2 arrived, we popped it out of the frame, HUNG IT, and then when we swung it shut, it was FOUR INCHES TOO SHORT. OMFG. By this time, Travis had to head home so we popped it BACK out, back in it’s frame, and Rob and I went to return Door #2 and went to get Door #3. This was turning into the world’s worst game show. Back at the store, Door #3 got hung, closed, and the lockset didn’t match the height of the previous set.


Back it went. And back we went to Lowe’s to get Door number fucking four. Which sat on the floor until the next morning because it was past 8 and we had been at this for 12 hours. A whole day and literally NOTHING DONE.

The next morning, after brefiss and yet another trip to Lowe’s, we hung the door, but not before it took a bite out of Rob’s hand. Apparently, like the cave that held Voldemort’s locket horcrux, THIS door also required blood. But it fit. And it closed. And I painted that shit. Help arrived and we painted. Rob hung card walls. It finally started to come together. We didn’t get everything done but…luckily we still have time. Phew. That’s the short version.

Ok time for pictures!



Bringing in the pegboard! (That’s not a dead body, by the way. It’s the flooring  we didn’t use…)


Being optimistic and taking off the old door (which had to go back on at night…) and starting to paint.



Making a huge mess painting the sawhorses mint

Day 2: A much more productive day…


The new door took a bite of Rob’s lane-changing finger!


But it closes! And looks GLORIOUS!


The card walls had to be taken off their moveable easels and hung flat. HEART EYES!



And my new door is MINT!



My minions painting the exterior. 2 coats of primer and a coat of to get rid of that horrid teal!

I think the worst is over. The white was DREADFUL to get done. I tried the ladder and it just took forever because I was too afraid. So grateful for the people who came to help!! And I love that you can see my new window from far away! And my door!

We are getting so close, you guys. Thanks for following along!

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