What a week, you guys…

The marathon is OVER thank GOD. It was an amazing experience as always but I am exhausted from the whole thing and just the anxiety of it. I did finish but my time was abysmal. I started slow to conserve energy but my knee started to hurt very early, around mile 7. By Heartbreak Hill (miles 17-21) I was at a pathetic walk/run and I basically walked from 21 on. Except Boylston St. I was somehow able to run down the center of the busiest road in the state closed just for me and have fun riling up the crowds on either side. And then, when I crossed the line, arms wide in gratitude for being done….my knee completely gave up and it was teeny tiny steps and shooting pain the rest of the night. Awesome.

But enough about that. You know what it really means to be done with the race? It means nothin’ but NOTHIN’ between now and NSS! AHHHH!!!!!!!! SOWA opening weekend is May 1 but that’s just biz as use’. And I hope any of you locals will come and see us that day in our new FANTASTIC location at Ink Block! I’ll have my poor beat up pegboard walls full of cards and a shit-ton of fun new things so please come see!

Until then, let’s poke around the internet, k?

I can totally get behind an ice cream company that uses, “You can eat the whole pint!” as a marketing pitch. Hook, line, and sinker.
Love this rapid-fire Q&A with my favorite blogger, StudioDIY, and her husband/photographer, Jeff Mindell.
And speaking of which, because I’m a stalker, when Kelly started making themed playlists, I suggested a Girlboss list and she made one! Look!
I’m sure you’ve already seen this but holy shit! That’s so gross and awesome!
Love these super-blunt IDGAF tweets from big brands.
Yeah so if you could come and make paper flowers for my 15′ ceilings….that’d be great.

This weekend is a HA-YOOOOOGE work day(s) for the store so I am exhausted thinking about it but so pumped. What are you guys up to?

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