Creeper & Toss: Hartland Brooklyn!

Super excited to welcome Hartland Brooklyn to the blog today! I stumbled upon Hartland Brooklyn last year at the Stationery Show and LOVE LOVE LOVE Emily’s adorable illustrations and use of color. The Father’s Day cards I ordered that day sold out in one day at the South End Market and her cards and temporary tats have been a huge hit ever since.

Take it away Emily!

Hello all! Emily from Hartland Brooklyn here! I hail from a tiny town in western NY called Hartland and I started making birthday cards for my coworkers, while working for the loungewear brand Aerie in NYC. Here I designed undies and then accessories.  I love stationery because you can spread a little bit of happiness in the mail.  It also brings my love for pattern and print to everyone at an affordable price.

(Editor’s note: OMG I can’t believe you designed underwear. That is SO FUN! Also, I love aerie soooo…)

Let me take you through my day stating with…


my pup Rufus!


Last year we moved our studio from Brooklyn to the Catskills in upstate New York. In order to take advantage of our new location and freedom, sometimes we take morning hikes.  This photo is from Kaaterskill Falls, which is about 30 minutes from our place.

(Ed. Note: Which, PS, their new studio used to be A POST OFFICE!!!!!!)


Drawing and designing is only about 30% of my job, but I try and fit in a little bit each day. If I’m not feeling creative there are always other projects to do, and orders to fulfill.  It’s nice to be able to make your own schedule.

(Ed. Note: I love you’re just looking at a book and then you draw it and it’s fabulous. “Oh here’s a fish BAM I drew it…DONE.”)


We are getting ready for the stationery show right now – so here is a photo of me trying to take a photo for the cover of our catalog. I think I may use it for our postcard flier as well, since we are really behind!


When we get larger orders my wonderful husband helps out. He mainly watches HBOgo, and keeps to himself…

(Ed. Note: Ha!!)


Here is our studio manager Alane at the “tattoo” station, packing up temporary tattoo packs.   You can see our card shelves as well.


We are opening an espresso bar and card/home goods shop in the coming months! Here is a swatch we got in for wallpaper (it’s still not decided on.)  You can check out some more photos of the progress on @hartlandonhudson


Thank you for following along on our day!

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