Before 13

Whoa hey everyone! Could it be? Is Spring finally here to stay? You probably saw me bitching on Instagram about the SNOW (!!!!!) we had up here on Monday! Not a dusting either like THE PLOWS were back out there was like 5+ inches of snow for fuck’s sake. I mean COME ON!!! The temps are creeping back up but hopefully not TOO high because Marathon Monday is 10 days away and it needs to be cooooool.

But enough of that. Did you see my shop update yesterday? There’s pictures! I mean the one above kinda gives it all away but you should still read it.

Anywho let’s explore the internet!

Grumpy emo chick ponders whether to shag a corpse or a dog over several years.
22 awesome book dedications. (*via The Bloggess because hers is one of them!)
Make this file cabinet. Then make me one.
Good thing I use markers.
My answer to number 7 would be, “Name it ‘Frederico’.”
Contrary to popular belief I am actually just an Introvert.


This may only be pertinent info to New England/Massachusetts residents in the 80’s BUT….the recipe for Jordan Marsh’s famous blueberry muffins is RELEASED!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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