C&T B&M – Paint and Carpet

I’ve posted some pretty heinous pictures on Facebook of the store remodel. And I hesitate to even call it a remodel because that makes it sound all “mood board-y” and like I have a million dollars to spend on fancy fixtures and I’m constantly agonizing over this drawer-pull or that drawer-pull…and while I DO have a mood board and I AM agonizing over stupid shit like my white walls being purple-white, it’s not all House & Garden up in here. But it’s not NOT a remodel. I have been painting and ripping up carpet and installing floors just….myself. Well my husband has. LOL I don’t do that shit.

Let’s talk about what it looked like before.

Before 1

Here’s what you see when you walk in the front door. Oh God that carpet is so bad! That short wall-thing protects the staircase down. To the left is a wall of black built-ins. To the right, a blank (dirty) wall.

Before 2

Before 4

Aforementioned dirty wall. GAH.

Before 3

Here’s the front door. Yikes. But my front windows are pretty sweet. They are a good size with space for a table if I so choose! To the left is a smaller window and it’s tinted (Why???)

Before 5

Here are the shelves. BUH-LACK. Me and Kilz are going to be BEST FRIENDS.

Before 6

The first weekend in, we started painting and ripping up the heinous carpet. I just can’t sit still. At this point though I’m REALLY glad we hit the ground running! I can’t imagine where we’d be if we hadn’t started RIGHT AWAY.

Before 7

Here are the shelves partially done. Guess when Rob asked me for the stepladder…

Before 8

And this is what I meant by “purple-white.”

After the paint was done, we took up the carpet padding. We thought we’d be able to be cheap and re-use it for the floors but no dice. Carpet padding and laminate floor padding are “different.” Side note: know why they’re probably different? So Homey-D can charge us for new padding. Just sayin’.

Before 9

Before 10

Before 11

Anyway here’s the carpet padding all rolled up and the floors underneath! EW!

Before 12

But look how nice the shelves look! (That pink is not really there. It’s a color fog I added to make it look cute on Instagram.)

Once we finished the painting and ripped up ALL the flooring that wasn’t staying (the tiles stayed because it might have been asbestos tile so NOOOOOOOOOPE) it was time for my faaaavorite part: the COLORS.

This is something I agonized over. Picking a favorite color is like picking a favorite child. Not that I have any of those but you know what I mean. I knew I wanted a geometric angle on the back wall but what color would it be? Should the low staircase wall be a different color? A pattern? How would I work in my darling MINT?

First I had to tape the diagonal. Thankfully my bestie and fellow lady-business pal, Stacey, was not far and BONUS is an engineer by training! She helpfs wiff the MAFFS.

Before 14

Then! Paint!

Before 15


Before 13

After a million coats and lots of up and down the ladder, DONE! A pink diagonal, mint touches on the post and a pattern on the wall. BAM. I asked Instagram-at-large if it looked too much like an ice cream shop and the general consensus was, “NO! I love it!!” and “This is a problem….why?”

OK I was going to show you the floors next but this post was long enough so now you have to wait. BWAHAHA!

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