It’s APRIL!!!! And that means The marathon is THIS MONTH (holy shit) and that Spring is kind of on its way? I dunno you guys it’s 70 degrees out right now but apparently we have 3-5 inches of SNOW in the forecast for Monday?? THE FUCK? If that’s not an April Fool I don’t know what is. EXCEPT IT’S NOT.

Anyway. Enough about that.

Let’s drown our sorrows in internet fun.

It’s National Letter-Writing Month!!!
Old-fashioned niceties that deserve a comeback!
I would print these out and just stick them all over my car.
The art of a handwritten note.
This local-to-me new pub got a feature on Oh So Beautiful Paper! SO cool! Must go visit, eat, and ogle their coasters…
Printable coloring postcards TO USE FOR NATIONAL LETTER WRITING MONTH?? Yes.
I kinda feel the same way about burritos so…

That oughta hold ya for a while. Happy weekend, friends!

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