Sunday begins another season at the South End Open Market and our move to Ink Block! This will be my second year as a FULL SEASON vendor and I don’t even know how many since I Started in its 5th year in business. A LOT. I’m really excited and can’t believe it’s time to start packing the Honda every Saturday once more.

In store news: I STARTED MY CARD WALL and…well…I don’t have as many as I thought I did. See above. See all those gaps? Yeah. About that.

WELL you know how we forget about our problems around here! INTERNET.

Demons. Or Bugs. Or demon bugs.
As I prepare to go back to retail life, I look back and realize nothing has changed.
My husband just sent me this.
Don’t feel bad if you still have something from Blockbuster.
How do you feel about the term “girl boss?”
Never not in love with hedgehogs.

Happy Weekend folks! If you’re local and not busy on Sunday COME SEE US!