new cards


Guess what. Well, today is Friday. So that’s awesome. Also, it’s supposed to SNOW on Sunday which is decidedly UN-AWESOME. It’s been like 60 degrees for weeks. And now it’s supposed to snow. DAFUQ.

But guess what anyway…I haz big news coming. Watch my Instagram (unless they fuck it up before then…) on Monday because it’s big. Like the biggest ever. Pretty sure the only people reading this already know but still. I like to pretend.

Let’s look at the internet!

26 Paper Flower Artists on Instagram!
Harry Potter ANIME-ed!!!
I need to eat this like right effing now…
My butt looks like a mouth hungry for denim” HA! But for real guys…the struggle is real.
Why do people keep making pins I need??? (Side note: I feel like I should be wary this means something other than Oreo love but ask me how much I care…)
I really loved this post about using “big words” with kids.

I have a donut sitting on my desk that I am saving for 3 pm coffee time and I am exercising GREAT restraint to not shove it in my face hole right now.

I don’t know why I told you that.

(PS photo is of the new cards I just designed and are now in my Etsy and Etsy Wholesale shop!)


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