Creeper and Toss: Fox and Fallow!

Who’s excited for the next installment of my behind-the-scenes series, Creeper and Toss?? MEEEEEEEEEEE

This month I have someone from about as far away from here as you can get before you start coming back: Fox and Fallow from Australia! I found these cuties from down under at NSS last year, and they are just the sweetest and their work…well DAMN it’s just beautiful. Every time I leaf through their catalogs I die and when my shipment comes, I can’t contain the SQUEE!!!!

But you just look for yourself! Take it away, guys!


Hey guys! Super pumped to be creeping all the way from Australia! I’m Janet – the “Fox” – and one half of Fox & Fallow. Hmmm fun facts: Darrell (the “Fallow”) and I are high school sweethearts and both from Mount Isa – a small country town in north west Queensland. We met at Maths Camp – oh yeahhhh – and moved down to sunny Brisbane to go to university (me – graphic design, Darrell – law). We got into the stationery biz after designing our own wedding invitations and chalkboards, and randomly signing up to exhibit at a wedding fair a year later (without having any work, a business or a plan!) It all just snowballed from there and we’ve never looked back. More fun facts: Ummm, I used to be an Irish dancer? We have a big fluffy corgi named Geordie (I feel like corgis a mandatory requirement for owning a stationery business, right Paper Epiphanies and Emily McDowell?) Ok I should probably save some stuff for the rest of the posts huh?


Here’s me and my super clean workspace. Ha! Note the USB fan and water jug! Our AC blew up in November and we’re still waiting on the insurance company to pay up. Slowly drowning in my own sweat.


“Planning meeting” at the BEST cafe in Brissie, Samson & Sophie in Teneriffe. Their house cook up is beyond amazing and they stock a whole bunch of super cute homewares from local artists (not us, but others…hey wait maybe I should send them a mailer?) Just realised I have one week to design about 15 more products for NSS! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Editor’s note: You better get it done because chances are, I’ll want ALL OF IT!!)

Chalking some names onto one of our ready-made welcome chalkboards. Did you know that we offer personalisation with our ready-made boards? Nope, no one else did either! Remind me to add that to the website after the craziness of NSS.



Brush lettering a whole bunch of type for our new calendars and notebooks. Ink, scan, trace, repeat! Blasting Rock of Ages soundtrack and buzzing on my coffee high.

Tracing those scans in illustrator. Can’t wait to show you guys our new positivity calendar for 2017 – it sold out pretty quick last year so we’ll definitely be printing more this time round! (Ed. Note: Can’t wait to seeeee!)


“Hey humans you don’t look busy at all! Why don’t you come play with me?”

(Ed. Note: OMG)


Market time! Here’s our little pop up stall in King George Square in front of Brisbane City Hall. So nice meeting people face to face and seeing what the think of all our stuff. Finish up around 10ish and call it a day around midnight. So exhausted but I love this gig! Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!


ACK! Thanks Janet for the super fun look into life at Fox & Fallow! Everything is soooo prettyyyyy! See you soon in NYC!

Thanks everyone for following along! I hope you enjoyed this view from the other side of the world!!

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