Valentine’s Day!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!


Who has fun and fancy plans this weekend? I’m hosting a Galentine Tea for a fundraiser on Saturday (I’m running the Boston Marathon in April in support of Dana Farber Cancer Institute) and I have planned a WHOLE DAY of mushy crap for Rob on Sunday. I’m pretty excited. I keep saying this is like Christmas: The Bonus Round and it totally is.

Shall we peruse the internet? Just warning you, there’s going to be SO much Valentine’s Day shit it’s insane…

Best Butt

I only have eyes for you… (More googly eye fun here!)

I will love him and squeeze him and call him…ALBY!!!!

David Bowie valentines. Because David Bowie.

Hooray for snail mail!


Please deliver all of these to my mouf RIGHT NOW.

And finally…how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world!

That oughta hold ya. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY YOU GUYS! I seriously love all of you.


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