Creeper + Toss: Paper Epiphanies!

OMG it’s round 2 of my nosy column, Creeper + Toss! This is where I get you a “day in the life” view of some of the brands I carry in my shop so you can get to know the people behind your favorite cards! This month is PAPER EPIPHANIES!

I met Victoria and her amazing cards at NSS last year. Actually, I met her husband first! Rob and I were at the tail end of our first day, strolling through the Ladies of Letterpress booth, and Paper Epiphanies caught my eye. Bright white cards with bold, inky-black text will always get my attention, especially when paired with neon envelopes. Victoria’s husband, Peter, greeted us, chatted, told us he totally came up with this card and said Victoria had stepped away but would be so bummed she missed meeting us (what?) so we said we’d be back and kept walking.

Not 2 minutes later, he scurried over and said she was back and really wanted to say hi so back we went and met this lovely lady and we became instant BFFLs and totally hang out all the time and watch The Bachelor together via Skype. Ok only the first thing about meeting her and being lovely is true but whatever. Paper Epiphanies’ cards are funny, so true to real life and love (perfect for Valentine’s Day!) and beautifully made by hand.

Take it away, girl!

Hey everyone! I’m Victoria Palace Venturi and I am the owner of Paper Epiphanies! Fun facts about me: my family calls me Tori, I am originally from Jupiter, Florida (Yes, it’s a real city.) I have always been obsessed with paper and learned to letterpress so I could make my own wedding invitations. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I did stand-up comedy (I know) so basically, I combined my love of paper and humor to create Paper Epiphanies!


Okay, two truths and a lie. 1) My name is Victoria, founder of Paper Epiphanies and am PUMPED to take over Crumple + Toss Instagram! 2) I blow dried my hair for you today. 3) my studio is always organized and everything matches.


First stop of the day: Alfred Coffee. I figured since I was here I might as well snap a picture of this same sign that 5,000 other people have already instagrammed. #basic.


People have always said I have a nice box. I would have to agree (O.o) New packaging coming soon! (Editor’s note: Eek! It’s so cute!!!!!)


Speaking of boxes….new releases headed out to our kick-ass sales reps across the country today! #ittakesavillage


Jumping on the press for some afternoon reprints. In the letterpress world we call this “icing the cake.” Sadly, it’s just ink and there’s no cake. Boo. (Ed note: Totally lame.)


Taking some snaps of our new releases. Seriously, mom. Stop. Love, me. (Ed. note: The struggle is so real…)


At the end of the day, I might be overwhelmed, maybe product development didn’t go quite right, or maybe being a #girlboss is no fucking joke. But I am always grateful for a job that I love. And for my studio mascot @twinkthecorgi. This is THE life. Xo

Ok seriously how cute is Twink?? Thank you so much for taking us through your day Victoria! Ahem Tori (cuz we’re so close now…)

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