Howdy, howdy, howdy! How was everyone’s week? IT’S ALMOST VALENTINE’S DAY!!!


Ok, totally random but what do you guys think about selfies on Instagram feeds that RARELY have any? Like, say for instance, people who post a lot of stationery pictures? Here’s why I’m asking…last week, my husband dyed my hair for me and so I posted 2 in a row. One “in progress” and one when it was done. I lost a whole bunch of followers! I’ve heard this is a phenomenon but what gives? It made me think about starting a personal IG feed but that’s just too much work and seriously why should I? I feel like my Instagram is where I really connect with people and so sharing personal posts is fun! I don’t want it to JUST be cards and shit I’m hoping to sell. It’s like my house: full of pretty things but I’m there too, dammit!

Anyway. Thoughts??

Here’s the weird stuff I found (and my husband sent me) on the internet this week:

I feel I should get a stash of these to keep in my desk.

CURVY BARBIE IS HERE! I almost bawled at the video. At work. Watch it. I dare you not to cry.

This guy imagined a bunch of Disney classics in Tim Burton’s style. FOR THE WIN.

Is your dad a baker? Cuz you got a nice set of buns. Ha!

I’d probably be doing the same thing…

Cup of Jo asked “What’s your irrational fear?” and the comments are amazing. Just goes to show how similar we all are…

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