Hey friends!

Hope everyone had a good week! I’m pretty relieved that the first storm of the winter is looking like it’s going to blow by Massachusetts, however, until we get hit with the first storm, everyone is going to lose their minds the second a storm pops up on the Doppler. It’s exhausting. Like, people, seriously? You live here right? You know this happens…

Anywho, this past weekend I helped lead a workshop at my alma mater. That was terrifying. Actually I was totally fine until the kids started filing into their seats and then I was like fuckfuckfuckfuck but it went ok once I got going. It was a mini-conference for the student leaders and my session was about “Creativity and Entrepreneurship” and I was completely unprepared. Some guy came in and was like “You need the PowerPoint?” and I was like errrrrm NOPE. All I brought were my favorite books and my planner for I don’t even know…a good luck charm? #unprepared

I told them how I got started and MAN I couldn’t believe how many steps I took to get here and how many wrong turns, detours and I even left stuff out that I had forgotten about! The kids were sweet and asked good questions and seemed interested and the best part is that half my first session followed me on Instagram. YES!

Actually the BEST part was that I finally got to go to Mary Lou’s coffee!!!



It’s possible we went back later and got more coffee…


Anywho. Let’s explore the internet!

Did you know Tiffany’s started as a STATIONERY store??

This girl is my spirit animal.

Super fun office supplies!

ADORE these Alice in Wonderland pencils!

I’ve been getting a WEE bit insane with pins lately. AND I REALLY WANT THIS ONE.

Our presidents in their young, “hunky” stage. #8 – Do not “go hither.” LOL (via A Cup  of Jo)

OH and one more thing…I started a new hashtag. I would love to see your excited-face when you open your orders from me! So what do we call that? TOSSER SQUAD!


Snap a pic and tag it so I can “be there” when you open!

Ok that’s all. Have a great weekend you guys!

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