#Pingame Shadowbox

This shouldn’t even be a “DIY” because it’s so stupid easy but I thought it was fun and mildly clever so here we are.

I have a modest pin collection but they are all over the house, stuck to coats and bags…and I never know where one or the other IS because I have nowhere to PUT them. So yesterday I went to Michael’s to see if they had a cute little hanging corkboard but I couldn’t find ANY kind of a small, decorative bulletin board at all. (side note: first I went to Target because I THOUGHT they had a heart-shaped one in the dollar bin but it was actually just a wooden heart and I was so sad)


Not to be discouraged, I thought maybe I’d buy a frame and some corkboard and make something. Then I found a cute display of color-coordinated storage and desk things AND it was all on sale! All kinds of win. I grabbed a 10×10 acid green shadowbox-type shelf thing and went to find some cork. Michael’s had packages of 4 12×12 cork pieces billed as bulletin board tiles so I took those (not REALLY took, like, I paid for them..) and went on my merry way.

A word on the cork: the cork in the package is thicker than the rolled cork next to it. It’s way better for sticking pins into.

Shadowbox 1

Here’s everything. I bought paint for another project and you could totally paint this thing if you wanted but I didn’t.

The only other things you need here are a glue gun and something to cut the cork with.

All you have to do here is measure the inside of your box (the INside) and cut down the cork. I messed up one but three layers is still plenty. I used all the cork pieces to make sure my pins wouldn’t go through and plus, why have extra cork kicking around? Just use it.

Make sure your cork fits in the box before you slap on the hot glue. Hot glue is FOREVER, man.

Shadowbox 2

Done! So easy, right? Stick your pins all up in there and you’re done. This took me MAYBE 30 minutes? Including messing up one square of cork.

Shadowbox 3

I totally thought I had way more pins than this. GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS!

Shadowbox 4

I put mine on my dresser until I can get Husband to hang it. Looks pretty cute just sittin’ there though! (BTW, I keep all the pinbacks in the littlest hedgehog)

What do you think? How do you store your pins? Think you’ll try this?

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