Who’s got a ca-RAY-zee weekend ahead?

I get to lead some workshops on creativity (or something?) at my alma mater this weekend. It’s like, 2 one-hour sessions not ALL DAY so NBD and I have no clue what I’ll say. Really I have to focus on not swearing at them and I’m just pumped to get within range of a Mary-Lou’s. Win-win.

Let’s poke around the internet!

FLOATING. GLITTER. TUMBLER. Also, I need to go to L.A. and eat my face off apparently.

What if there were Harry Potter emojis?? I vote YES on a Nimbus 2000 and Hermione eyeroll.

Someone posted this on my Facebook and I need to go like right effing now.

More emoji fun especially if you’re a runner. I have run Boston twice and am training number three. This girl is spot on.

If I have to say sorry to you for more Harry Potter/Snape links what are you even doing here…

PS – did you see my new Creeper + Toss series that I started this month? Check it out!

Also…all my valentines have arrived plus some old faves are back in stock! Go see!

Have a great weekend!

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