Getting my hair dyed by my husband. He’s thrilled.



Who else is SO. FRIGGIN. GLAD. it’s Friday??? I have been sick all week and I am so OVER IT!!! In other news, Valentine’s Day is so close I can taste it and it tastes DELICIOUS. I am loving all the hearts and sparkles everywhere so I CAN’T WAIT!

Who’s ready for some internet awesome?

This wedding invitation suite made me (wait for it) STOP. AND. STARRRRRRE!

All the weird shit happens in Florida, you guys. There must be something in the water. Like alligators.

This Harry Potter quiz was REALLY HARD. Try it! How’d you do?

Super cute envelope liners!

FLYING IN THE FACE OF HUNDREDS OF YEARS OF SCIENCE, B.o.B. thinks the world is flat and you should join his anti-spherical brute squad.

Ok that’s all for this week! Who has exciting plans?